Monday, April 18, 2011


The kidlets are both finally asleep.
Miss E has been screaming all night.
It's crying, but she's been screaming as if afraid or in pain.
No matter what I tried, she kept on screaming.
I would have once lost my cool and cried with her, but I am pretty rapt I handled the situation with maximum cool in tact.
We watched the Gummy Bear video a few times but that was really a temporary fix.
She had cuddles with her Daddy when he got home and is now asleep.
Master S had a late nap, and thus a later dinner and bath. He's only just settled down for the night, actually.

They had a pretty big day.
Nothing extraordinary happened, but the kids enjoyed each other's company and played happily together for the better part of the day:


One big thing about the day was the massive corn we had for with our dinner.
Excuse Master S' 'half asleep' face, but LOOK at the size of THAT CORN!

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