Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog This! ...Baby Love...

I like babies.
I like seeing babies.
I am the creep who comes up and peers into your pram at your newborn while you stand there,
"Please don't touch my baby. Please, get away from my baby!"
I do enjoy babies,
but do not fret,
I am not a baby toucher/face/head stroker.

I personally loathed people who believed they had the right to touch my children,
and I think it's common courtesy to look with your eyes,
not with your hands.

There's something so magic about a newborn baby.
Something that can make parents fall so completely in love on first sight,
yet, be absolutely terrified at the same time.
Something that makes you feel just about every emotion at one glance.

I can understand why those crazy people wanted to touch my babies.
Just as I am sure those people can understand why
 I, the crazy mother wanted to cut off their hands for daring to touch them.

Master S.
[Approx. 10 hours old]

Miss E
[Also, approx. 10 hours old]

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  1. um let me just say they are two extreamly cute babies!!

  2. Soo cute!!!
    I hate people who have to TOUCH. Why???

  3. Nawwwww, i'd let you have a hold of my newborn ;-)

    - tork

  4. If bub's is half as cute as either one of your babies I will be an extremely proud mummy!!! I will be anyway, but just saying Miss E and Master S are gorgeous! Must take after mum hey hehehe