Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you believe in ghosts?

I consider myself a cynic in relation to the Afterlife.
I believe magic is seeing the world through the eyes of my children.
As much as I crave to believe in the Afterlife, because death frightens me, rationality tells me when we die,
That's it.
Game over.
Our thoughts, feelings, everything ceases.
Hoping for anything more, will lead me to disappointment.

But what happens when you are not sure anymore?
I watched a scary movie last night.
Axes, Blood & general hacking of people in films does not phase me.

It's all acting.
It's all pretend.
I am often found screeching at the television "You stupid idiot, listen to the music, it means he's BEHIND YOU!" , "Oh my God, ditch the heels and run!!!" and "Ohhhh, you are so annoying, kill her now, pleeeeease!?"

The movie we watched was just down right creepy.
It had me jumping at every noise afterwards, and in the middle of the night when I was busting for a pee, and my whole house slept, every noise was magnified.
I could hear flies landing, that's how magnified everything was.

After an extremely restless night, the approach of morning meant we had shopping to do,
bills to pay.
Mr. M made jokes about the movie, and tried scaring me where possible,
but it was a new day & I had "Mum" shit to do with no time to be scared,
Kids to feed,
Pin down & dress.

I was on an adventure with Master S before we went out.
We ended up in my room calling for his shoes.

[Yes, when his shoes go missing Master S thinks calling out "shoooooooooooooooes, where are you!?" works. No wonder they didn't answer, they were in the car!]

I was searching under the bed when I heard Master S say "Hi BubBub".
Still searching, I figured he was talking to his sister.
I looked down the hallway expecting Miss E to be crawling to find us.
No, Miss E.
Ha, I thought, he's spotted himself in our mirror.
Only, when I walked over to him,
I realised he was not looking towards the mirror on our wardrobe,
and even if he was, he wouldn't have seen his reflection because the door was open and you couldn't see it from the doorway.

A chill ran down my spine.
My heart beat faster and the sounds of Mr. M playing with Miss E sounded like they weren't even inside the house.
I approached Master S who was smiling, laughing & pulling funny faces that he pulls at his sister [or any baby in general].
I put my hand on his shoulder and said, as cheerfully as I could muster,
"Master S, BubBub is in the loungeroom with Daddy. No one is there, silly!"
He pointed at nothing.
He smiled and said "BubBub".
I felt cold and told him again nothing was there.
He ran over to the spot,
Leaned down and rubbed the air, the way he'd pat Miss E's head if she were sitting there.
He then waved & said "Bye BubBub".
 I didn't want to move, but when he ran through the hallway to our loungeroom,
I followed and told Mr. M what had happened.
[He believes in ghosts, so what I said intrigued him].
He asked Master S where the BubBub was, and Master S didn't even look at his sister who was in the lounge, he ran up the hallway, again, stood looking at nothing, shrugged his shoulders, waved and said "Bye BubBub".

There was nothing there.
No dolls that he would think were a BubBub.
The hallway was empty but for him & I.
I saw it with my own eyes.

And it got me wondering, was I the crazy one because I saw nothing?

Have you ever had an encounter that's scared the bajeebuz out of you?


  1. I believe in ghosts, Kids can see things we cant, I belive it is because they have no rationalisation of death, there is no fear of it, they are more open to it. Our Mr (at the time) 3 had a friend called Gary, he had no legs and red eyes when he was angry... An imaginary friend?, I thought so too until I found some information about our old house, whom was owned by an amputee artist called Gary Muir.... Creeepy :)

  2. I want to believe, but I want to be logical, and until I see it I won't believe it. I know that believing is seeing, so maybe I am subconciously scared of seeing.
    Your story is creepy and incredibly fascinating! I am delighted that if we do have an inhabitant it's a baby, but at the same time, it's sad to think that maybe there is a baby in my home that I cannot see, and when we move on he/she will forever be trapped here.

  3. Oh Tara, I thought I left you a comment on here the other day! But it hasn't shown up! I do believe in ghosts, but there was too much to tell you in a comment so I totally just posted about it.

    Gave you a shout out too, my love.

    I really believe kids can see more than we know xx

  4. I'm a fence sitter on this one.

    My eldest though, when he was just a small baby, would stare at a particular spot near our ceiling for hours on end. As he got older he started babbling and then later talking to it. He couldn't tell us who he was talking to, but he knew he was talking to someone.

    Year later he told me how when he was a baby he had another grandpa who looked after him but we didn't know.

    His grandfather (my FIL) passed away less than an hour after he was born.

    To this day we don't know if he put together overheard discussions, photos etc in his mind to create the connection or if in fact his Grandpa was watching over him.

    We do know that he shares some uncanny mannerisms with him though.

  5. Spooky!!! And Emma's Gary comment has freaked me out :)
    I'm undecided on an afterlife. I'm not religious but I do believe in spirits... I think.
    A close family friend passed away a few hours after Tricky was born (she was in a coma but reacted when told he had arrived safely) and he has always looked over our shoulder and smiled. We say Aunty Helen has come to visit him. It gave me great comfort to think he had someone watching over him when he was in surgery... even if it was just my deluded thinking, it worked.

  6. I don't believe it was deluded thinking.
    If it gave you comfort during Tricky's surgery, that's the main thing.
    Master S would stare and giggle at one spot in Mum's house when he was a baby, and it wasn't until Miss E was born and did the exact same thing, I was a little freaked out.

    My Nana lives with my Mum and her bedroom, which is right next to the lounge is ice cold all the time. She could have a heater on in there all day, and it's still icy cold. It only became like that when she moved into the room, so we thought my Poppa is with her. Stanley loves going into her room, and chatting away, so who knows what he can see? Maybe when he starts using more words, we'll know for certain who is with him.