Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letter to my Children.

You are both asleep.
Have been for a few hours now.
You are both tucked up nice and snuggly in Mummy & Daddy's bed.
You both look so sweet and peaceful.
But, as I look at you both all warm and snoozing like little angels in the Big Bed,
I wonder where Daddy & I are supposed to fit.

Today we had a fun day.
Mummy decided it was time to incorporate a routine that you, Miss E, can work with.
Just to make things a little easier, and a little less all over the place.
You both woke up at the usual time,
I bathed you both,
and washed your hair.
Master S, you complained the whole time.
"Owwwwww MumMum...Nooooooo!", you whined.
I am sure the neighbours are alarmed that I am torturing you, some days.
I know it does not hurt,
because Miss E doesn't make a peep.
She does "roar" at you,
but that's because she wants to play "Miss E the Dinosaur",
and this is her way of telling you.

After I had you both dressed,
which is surprisingly easy, now,
that you Master S are growing up and are easily bribed with the new shoes you love so much.
"If you get dressed, you can wear your shoes" works wonders.
Miss E, you are entering the wriggle-and-roll-away-during-getting-dressed stage.
I am sure you'll be a nude runner like your brother used to be.

After we were "ready" for the day, we played together for a few hours,
before you both decided to have a nap before lunch.
When you woke up, we went for a drive and had a picnic lunch with Nana, Pa, Uncle & Aunty Duckie.
Master S enjoyed a play on the Play Ground,
while Miss E, you were happy sitting on the table munching on your turkey breadroll,
bouncing and wriggling to make Nana & Pa laugh at you.

After a cruisy, and incredibly hilarious trip home,
it was almost dinner time.
We had a late dinner, because neither of you were hungry, and were more interested in playing peek-a-boo.
You played for a good hour.
I decided while you were both happy, that it would be a great time to start dinner.
In this time, despite me checking on you constantly,
 and having you both come to the kitchen door to "chat" to me,
Master S, you climbed up and grabbed your blue paint from off the bookshelf,
and squeezed it onto the carpet.
We now have a blue stain, due to my inability at being domesticated.
I asked you why you did it.
You shrugged your shoulders and said "I 'unno!"

After I'd fed Miss E all her dinner,
and you had one spoonful of cauliflower/mashed potato on your plate, Master S,
I left the room to prepare your bath, while you had that last spoonful raised to your mouth,
I came back to find that one spoonful smeared into Miss E's hair,
and squished into the carpet.
Who knew that such a little bit of food could make a massive mess on it's way to your mouth?

Due to this, Miss E had to have her hair washed... again.
To make it fair on her, I washed your's, too.
After all, it was your fault she had to have her hair washed again.
The neighbours, yet again, heard the moaning of you, Master S,
"Owwww MumMum.... NOOOOOOOOOOO!"


After you were all snuggly and dry in your pajamas,
we tidied up the lounge together,
before we all settled into the Big Bed.
Master S, you were asleep within 10 minutes of the light going off.
Miss E... hmmmm...
You tried wriggling,
smacking your brother,
anything you could think of to get out of sleeping.
After a feed, and me stroking your head, you closed your eyes, rolled over & cuddled up to your brother.

It took us a little bit to get there, Miss E.
But not as long as I thought.
Routine, here we come!

I love you both, very much.
Aside from the blue paint & potato in the carpet,
we had a fantastic day.
Mummy got some time out, while you both slept,
and although Daddy didn't get to see you when he finished work,
he knows how important it is for Mummy to gain some order.
Especially now he is working afternoons & it's just the three of us all day long.
He'll see you both in the morning before he goes to work, after breakfast.

Right now, I am feeling just about ready to try and join you both in the Big Bed.

Lots of love and cuddles,
Mummy xoxoxoxoxox

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