Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I mentioned in a previous post that I am very opinionated and it can often get me in trouble.
Here's one of those opinions that may get your blood boiling (or you may totally agree, who knows?).


If you work or study and have absolutely no choice but to pop your child in Daycare, then that is cool bananas. It's your right to utilize the service for it's intended purpose.

BUT (and here's the crazy rant bitch coming out) when you are a stay at home mother, with no other job than being a mother, why pop your kids in Daycare?

I know of a mother who dumps her kid in Daycare once a week because she 'likes a day off' and do you know what she does once a week while her kid is in Daycare? Gets drunk.


I'm up on my high horse now because I bloody can be.
I am a stay at home Mum of Two. Not just one! TWO. Double the nappy changes, double the meal making, double the dressing, double the playtime AND I do it alone most days (kudos to you single Mama's!)

Sometimes, I would give my right arm for one day off a week.

Sure, I could drop my kids in Daycare, but I don't have any right to. My kids in Daycare would take up two spots that could be used for families who need the Daycare because they work or study. Dumping a child in Daycare so you can drink is wrong with a capital W! It's abuse of a system we are privileged to have these days.

Even if I did get one day off a week I assure you I wouldn't be drinking. I would be doing housework (to distract myself) or sitting in my kids' rooms cuddling their clothes, or toys and crying because I miss them, their noise, their chatter.

The night Miss E was born I stayed up all night (after giving birth) fretting about how Master S was doing without me, and he was at home with his father, not in the care of strangers!

How a parent can say they are a stay at home parent, yet palm off their kid to anyone and everyone for NO bloody reason is beyond me!

If your child/ren is/are such a bloody burden on your life then return to work, or even better, don't have kids. People would stab someone in the eye for a chance to have a baby, and you are dumping yours off on whoever because you need a day off. Being a parent is a privilege, not a right.

Full time parenting is what you signed up for the day you had sex (excuse the crass analogy). It is tough, but every moment spent with your kids is worth how tough it can be. Daycare dumping is as good as unfit parenting when used in this way!


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  1. I completely agree with this (no children here yet though). My fiance works at a daycare and a few of the parents have got caught paying with their unemployment check. When that happened, the village told the parents you have to get our kid out to free up room.

  2. I completely agree... I have 2 kids under the age of 3 and as much as i would love a "day off" it doesnt happen when you're a parent, thats what we signed up for. I have several friends that whinge and moan about bot having any time to themselves.. (they both only have 1 child, and ones pregnant again) just wait.. as far as im concerned, you get time off when they're in bed... I miss my kids too much when they arent here and bombard my dad who looks after them with phone calls checking on them... (glad im not the only one that smells kids clothes cos we miss them!! :P)

  3. My daughter goes to preschool 2 days a week (she is nearly 4) she started days care once a weeks when she was 2 for a year but thats only because i was still in school full time and one day was all i felt comfortable with. then when she was a bit older than 3 i signed her up to preschool. Not to get rid of her and give me a break (although it ment i could do extra house work or do the shopping)but becuase i felt she needed a little more interaction with kids because it was just me and her, and also to get her more prepared for school in the next 2 years.(it was going to be next year but im not ready lol)
    I dont agree with putting younger children into daycare for no reason though! and expecialy to get drunk that is just unfair!! if you insit on putting your kids into dayscare atleast do something more productive!!

  4. Once upon a time, I thought the same as you. A girl I knew sent her son to day care once a week for her from very early on and I just could not fathom how she could do that. I knew I couldn't! Then I got to know her and learnt that she battles with some serious mental health issues. She is a loving and devoted mother, a damn good mother but she found herself needing a few hours where she could regroup and recharge. She had no family or partner who could help her so her next option was child care. She beat herself up badly about it too.

    My point?

    It made me realise that just because having my babies at home worked for me, it doesn't mean that it will work for the next mother.

    And while I don't think it's great this girl is off pissing away, how fair is it to run around labelling people as unfit parents just because they do something that we don't agree with?

  5. Fair call Holly.
    You read my rant as I wrote it.
    I was incredibly aggro at said person, because I actually was friends with her so know her quite well, and unfortunately it's not mental illness or the inability to cope, it's the fact she tells people (her child included) about how much said child has 'stopped her life'.
    She's not a single parent either, so her reasons honestly make no sense to me (or anyone else who has asked her why). Just that she 'gets sick of *insert Childs name*
    Cheers for the comments ladies.
    Like I've said I'm not judging people who use daycare, but I just know it's been abused in this way and it frustrated me :)

  6. Absolutely, and I'm so glad you didn't think my comment was an attack on you and your opinion! Love that we can have a difference of opinions and everything is still peachy xx