Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Selections.

Still having computer issues.
Due to the lack of photo's I am able to upload of my kidlets,
My Mum has doubled her uploads on Facebook.

So today, so I can participate with Kim at Frog Ponds Rock,
for Sunday Selections,
thanks to my Mum being the upload photo on Facebook fiend she is.

[Thanks Mum]

 Master S playing with Strangles, Nana's Coastal Carpet Python.
[The cake in his hand, I shall mention in a moment!]

I was trying to make her smile to show me her tooth for a photo.
It didn't happen,
but when she was crying,
I couldn't resist to snap this, so the world could see her first tooth.
Cruel, I know.

Miss E, munching on a prawn cracker with her new tooth.

Having a nap on Nana.

Master S, Aunty Beanie, & Aunty Duckie baking blueberry muffins.
It wasn't until after they did this they realised the muffin tray wasn't at Nana's house,
it was at the Happy House,
so their muffin became a cake.

Master S after a bath due to messy muffin/cake making, playing with Strangles.
He has the cake in his hand.


  1. Great name for a snake :) I would like a pet snake very much but it is a bit cold to keep them down here in Tassie. making the muffin cake looks like heaps of fun.

  2. Love them all - including the cruel mama shot.

  3. That's a great name for a python! I love the nap on nanna picture, brings back memories.