Friday, April 8, 2011

Tangled DVD Review & Giveaway

My Name is Tara - and I'm a Disney movie-a-holic.
Having kids has been a blessing for me.
Not just because Mummy-hood is so rewarding,
But because I can go see Disney films at the Cinema,
and not seem like a lonely giant creep,
as I have two children in tow.

For Easter, I sent a long letter to the Easter Bunny,
begging for some children's DVDs for my kids,
Because between you me & the rest of the world,
I hate Larry the Lawnmower.

I think Easter Bunny has some excellent contacts,
I was sent a copy of Tangled to review.
The moment I received it I was jumping up & down screaming,
"Yes, Yes, Yes!"
in my driveway.

I live on a main road, and it was during school pick up time,
so I did have a few parents giving me sidelong glances,
and I didn't care.

After dinner and bath time,
Master S grabbed our copy of Tangled,
and ran to the DVD player.
He turned off Larry the Lawnmower,
so I was already in love with the film before we watched it.

As we three snuggled up on the couch,
I was not disappointed, and neither were the kidlets.
Tangled is a new & improved version of Rapunzel.
For anyone not familiar with the story,
Rapunzel is a princess trapped in a tower with super long hair,
and in true Disney fashion,
Tangled is cute, witty, and appropriate for all ages.
Master S was glued to the film from start to finish,
and even when I giggled, I was told to "shhhhh" by him.

Despite the film's main characters being Rapunzel [of course],
and Flynn Rider,
it was the characters Pascal the chameleon & Maximus the horse who were our family favourites.

I expect that Tangled will be watched over, and over, and over again in the Happy House.
...I am positive the kids won't mind my obsession.

And thanks to the lovely folk at Porter Novelli,

[this is the super, duper, awesome, fun bit]

I have one copy of Tangled on DVD to giveaway to a lucky Our Whirlwind Adventures reader.

In order to nab yourself a copy,
you simply have to be a follower of Our Whirlwind Adventures &
leave a comment telling me which is your favourite Disney movie, and why!? 

The winner will be chosen using Random.Org at 8pm on May the 10th, 2011.


  1. I have a special place in my heart for Meg from the Disney Hercules movie. I'm a sucker for a female cartoon character with a bit of attitude ~ plus she get the super hot guy at the end!

  2. I'm a Disney-holic too! I'd love to win this, I haven't seen it but Muffin saw it at the cinema.

    Hmmm favourite movie, that's a tricky one I'm quite fond of cinderella I think it was the only one we had when I was a kid, I know it word for word :)

    -Liz @

  3. I love Disney shows but the one that i can watch repeatedly is "8 BELOW" it makes me laugh and cry everytime i see it :D

  4. well this one! i took my daughter to see it at the movies and it had me in aw. I do beleive this is one of the cutest kids movies ever mad! haha

  5. My favourite ever Disney movie is...this is really hard. I guess it's got to be the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I remember going to the cinema watching it and absolutely fell in love with it! :)

  6. Following you with gfc. My favourite Disney movie....Jungle Book! The old ones are the best.

  7. I love pretty much all Disney but my favourite is Mary Poppins. Perhaps we watched it a little too much when my kids were little - my son spoke with a Cockney accent for ages! Very cute on a 3 year old Aussie!

  8. I love lived happily ever after......
    Cinderella and Snow White cant be beat

  9. i used to have another favourite but since this was not only a fantastic movie but the first one that my completed family of 6 saw at the cinemas it is my all time new favourite :)

  10. I love Cars. My son is obsessed with the thought of Cars 2, and my girls love Cars too. So funny, so human, so clever, such a great message.