Monday, May 9, 2011

Diagnosis: BAD MUMMY!

Today, I had a doctor's appointment for the Kidlets. I was having them weighed and measured to make sure all was okay, after some concern that Master S was underweight.
I have waited, and waited, and waited for this appointment. Making appointments with our doctor is like a human giving birth to a cat. Impossible!

But today, was our day.

It was at 3pm.
Nap time for the Kidlets, but they didn't sleep in the car on the way, so when we got there, Master S went wild.
He was grumpy, cheeky and destructive.
The waiting room was fairly empty and no-one appeared to have any headaches or colds so I stuck it out.
He hit me, kicked me, and cried.
He bit my hand so badly he almost brought blood.

What does one do when their two year old behaves in such a way?
I picked him up, held his arms by his side, wrapped him in a bear hug and rocked him side to side while telling him a story.

He was calming down.

He was quietening.

He was relaxing.

What do strangers do when my two year old is throwing a tantrum?
Tell me I should harness him.
Smack him.
Bite him back.
Yell at him.

I was judged by every woman in that waiting room.
I could see it on their faces.
Some sympathized.
One voiced her unhelpful opinion of how 'bad' I was because I wouldn't yell at him.
And several others just glared at me.

If I could have hidden or left, I would have.
I just ignored them until I calmed him down, which took all of five minutes doing it my way.
Had I smacked him, bit him or yelled at him, I feel calming him down would have taken longer and been less productive.

After he was quiet, I looked up to see Mrs. Verbal Judgement who would have 'smacked him if her were her two year old' shaking her head. I saw another woman who was sympathetic smile smugly at that woman.

By this stage my doctor had appeared.
She'd been watching the tantrum with some sort of fascination. Probably wanting to see how I cope when I've struggled before.
She came over to me when he was quiet, and said 'Well done! You have amazing patience!'

I wasn't sure of that.

I was about one more useless piece of advice away from telling someone to go and fuck themselves!

I'm curious to know:

Have you ever been judged out loud and how did you handle it? BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


  1. I have been lucky enough that I haven't been verbally judged by a stranger as of yet. That being said, I am waiting for it because it is bound to happen.

    I am sorry that you were judged but such rude people. I am also amazed (because I am not certain I could have handled it as well as you did) and proud (see above) at how well you handled.

    Well done! That is one major mothering accomplishment.


  2. People can be SO rude. I haven't yet been verbally judged, just the stares and dirty looks.
    You did an amazing job - good on you. And you're so right; had you yelled or smacked or (god forbid) bitten him back it would have taken so much longer to calm him.

  3. Why do people do that? Seriously? Who the fuck do they think they are?
    I think you did an amazing job, if I handle a situation like that similarly I would be chuffed.