Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day!

Tomorrow is the one day a year Mother's are all celebrated for the amazing job they do each day.

Be it that we are in a relationship and have an extra pair of hands to help out, or are doing the very best we can solo, Mother's Day is the day we are recognized for doing what we do to ensure our kids are happy and healthy.
I have the pleasure of having young children who still depend on me to survive each day, but some women have grown up children whom they still aim to protect from the world, regardless of the fact they are adults.
A Mother's job is never finished.
When your child marries, you don't lose a child, you gain one in their partner.
When they become parents themselves, your mothering instincts are what they will rely on if ever they need advice for raising their own children.

To my own Mum and Nana, I wish you both a Happy Mother's Day!
Thank you for your years of love and guidance.
Thank you for your support, advice and strength over the years.
You deserve more than one day a year to be appreciated, but I understand that you don't do what you do for anything in return.
You do what you do, and have always done, for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to grow into the best people they can be when they are older.
I hope one day I am half the woman and Mother you both are.
I love you both very much.

And to all you Mum's, grandparents, great grandparents and Mummy's to be, enjoy your day. You are all doing an amazing job and the world is a better place with loving Mum's around.

Happy Mother's Day!
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