Monday, May 23, 2011

Point & Shoot

I am officially back online.
I have a computer again, so am pleased to be linking up, for Point & Shoot.
Head on over to sunny + scout and join in.

Our weekend was a typical run of the mill weekend.
If you ignore the fact I put off cooking dinner on Saturday night until after 6pm, just in case the world was taken over by Zombies and I had to run or do kung-fu. Didn't want to burn the house down if I got distracted...
On Saturday we spent the day at Mum's because I could not handle the fact Master S uprooted a whole packet of potato chips, and stomped them into the carpet at The Happy House.
I didn't clean them until we got home.
Much later.
Since the weather was divine, we spent a lot of time playing outside while we were at Mum's.

Miss E hating on a blade of grass that got stuck to her finger.

The disgusted look on her face is proof at how long the grass up here has been too damp to enjoy.

On Sunday, we also spent the day at Mum's because it was my little brother's 22nd birthday.
He is technically my little brother, with me being the older of the two of us,
but after years of me being able to see over the top of his head,
somehow the tables have turned and he can see over the top of mine,
and he is not as "little" as he used to be.
How does that even happen?
Anyway, we went out for dinner to celebrate his birthday, which didn't turn out to be his death day as well, thanks to the Zombies NOT coming to ruin the day.

Master S trying to bang on the table, but it looks like he has an itchy head that needs scratching with two forks.

How did you spend your last day on Earth that turned out to not be your last day on Earth?
Did you feel a little disappointed at the Rapture fail?


  1. It's scary how little brother's just shoot up... Mine are now 6foot odd, towering above me!

  2. He will always be your little brother .... even if he outgrows you!

  3. Love your photos.
    I also have a little 'big' brother lol