Monday, May 23, 2011

I Heard a Voice.

I have blogged about my beliefs on The Afterlife before.
When we die, that's it.
That's how I saw things.
I grew to doubt my beliefs when several spooky things started happening in my house.

Master S would talk to "nothing" as if it were a person.
Miss E's bedroom being ice cold, despite having no windows opened, and exposure to sunlight.
And it was that way during the Summer heat wave.
Shivers up and down my spine whenever I go in the room.

But, it was my most recent encounter that has not only scared the crap out of me, but made me believe ghosts might just exist.
More specifically, my home has an inhabitant other than the four of us.
They either exist or I am insane, and I assure you, I am not insane.
I am a logical, intelligent woman...
I am. I swear. Why are you laughing?

Let me take you back to the "other day".
It was either Tuesday or Wednesday.
I don't remember the technicalities,
but Hubby was home, so it was one of those days.

It was after breakfast, and I was grabbing some clothes for the Kidlets to wear after their bath.
Miss E's room always gives me the heeby-jeebies, now,
since I suspect something lives, that doesn't live, in there.
I was in her oh-so-freezing room, rummaging through folded clothes for an outfit,
when a breeze came up, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.
I giggled to myself, saying out loud "it's just a draft", until I heard a voice say my name.

I froze and then turned to see who was there.
It wasn't Hubby, as the voice sounded young, like a little girl.
I assumed it was Master S, and wondered why he'd be calling me by my first name,
but when I searched, no-one was there,
and Hubby had the Kidlets in the lounge the whole time, with the door closed.

I never told anyone of this encounter,
as honestly, I was beginning to doubt my mental stability.
I get a decent amount of sleep.
I do not take drugs,
or even drink alcohol.
I have awesome eating habits,
with the exception of a Coca-Cola addiction I've been wearing for 10 years.

It wasn't until the day after my visitor spoke to me,
did I tell Hubby.
It was after something Master S was doing that concerned me, and Hubby.

When Master S plays chasey, or gets involved in a game, he can become quite hyperactive.
So, after he had a bath this particular night,
We popped him in his pajamas and I was laying on the couch, while he was sitting at my feet before he went off to bed.
Miss E was walking around the loungeroom, as she does.
There was nothing abnormal about any of this.

Until Master S started jumping up and down on the couch and reaching out as if trying to grab something.
He has done this when my iPhone screen has made a reflection spot on the wall.
This night there was no spot, and he wasn't trying to grab the wall, he was grabbing mid-air.
Weird, right?
No, what was weird was the way he then started tucking his chin into his neck and giggling very hard,
the way he does when he's being tickled.
I sat up, instantly alarmed,
and said to him "Master S, who are you playing with?"
He couldn't answer me.
He was laughing too hard and jumping at nothing.
He then started running around in a circle, laughing,
as if he was playing chasey and someone was trying to catch him.
He, was still laughing hard enough that it started to alarm me,
when he ran back to the couch and jumped up next to my feet again.
When he sat down and hid behind my legs giggling,
A cold draft came up and chilled my feet.
We had the heater on high, and I even made Hubby check to ensure the windows were closed.
They were.
Slightly freaked out, I looked to where Master S was looking and laughing.

I took a deep breath, and instead of telling myself I was being crazy,
I told myself that there WAS something there.
There had to be.

And that's when I saw something that made me sit up & physically rub my eyes.
It was a small ball of fog-like who knows what.
Right above Master S, right where he was looking.
It was like the cold air that you breathe out when it's freezing.

And when I told myself to stop being paranoid...
it vanished.

Does anyone know if 'Ghost Busters' exist? I don't want some presence squatting in my house...?


  1. OMG your giving me shivers! I've been in houses and felt cold and a 'presence' but so long as it's a friendly presence like making your kids laugh I guess its nothing to be scared of. Although I can say that bravely from my keyboard because I'm not in the house!
    Maybe you could research your house and see what history it has?

  2. Ohmigosh.

    Freaked out!

    I don't even know what to say.