Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Spawn Dragon.

Odd name for a post, but, it makes sense.
Well, it will, once I explain the reason behind the name for you.

As you are all aware, Hubby plays World of Warcraft [W.o.W].
It used to piss me off.
Then I started playing, and it didn't piss me off as much.
Now, it's pissing me off, but not for the reason you think.

Yes, Hubby has been glued to W.o.W as per normal,
but he hasn't "played" as much in the past seven days.
It's been on & idle.
Because he's trying to catch "The Spawn Dragon"
[it's "technical name" is the "Time-Lost Proto Drake"]
It gets it's "technical name" from the fact it is a dragon that only spawns,
once every, approximately, 6-7 hours.
You cannot be certain where it will spawn.
You cannot be certain when it will spawn.
You are often not the only one waiting for it to spawn.
This is why it's called a "Time-Lost" because waiting for it to spawn,
and getting on it before some other player comes out of nowhere and kills it on you,
can take ages.

Hubby has been waiting since last Tuesday!

[He has a spawn dragon on one of his other characters, but needs to capture another one, on this character, because you can't just swap them over, and save your sanity. Oh no, that's too easy!].

I have also been "trained" in case of a "the dragon spawns and for some stupid reason Hubby isn't around" scenario
So, with the two of us being on guard for the noise & flashing red screen to indicate that this ugly thing:

Image from here
Good for you, being able to catch it, Jerk!

has in fact spawned, you think we would have been somehow successful, right?
He almost had it two days ago.
Someone else jumped on it two seconds before him.
The spawn dragon was  forever gone... okay, only for another 6-7 hours.
And we were fuming.

Hubby said some really rude words.
I felt frustrated for him.
You know it's something he's serious about capturing when he gives you his password in case he gets disconnected from the server while he's at work, so that you can get back on for him.

So far, day seven is upon us.
He hasn't caught the spawn dragon, as yet.
If you asked me the basic need for the spawn dragon,
my response would be something like, "fucked if I know".
Ask Hubby and his response is, "I don't know. So I can use it..."*

Will he ever catch the elusive spawn dragon?
Stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated.

*I truly think he wants it because he's a stubborn turd who won't give up until he succeeds, and the fact he's failed at capturing it so many times, has increased his desire to possess it.
He has the next two days off, so fingers crossed he catches the bloody thing, yeah?

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  1. Call him a nub for not being able to catch it, see how that goes down :-)

    Im not a WoW player. Play lots and lots of other games, I just dont see the reasoning behind WoW.

    So I am with you, its silly. try and get him off role playing games and into something else and life will be much easier :-)

    - tork