Thursday, June 9, 2011

Introducing Mr. Pinchy Pants!

I haven't posted in a couple of days.
You should already know this,
if not... SHAME ON YOU! [kidding!]

I have been over-active on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook,
so am sure you all know I am still here.
Still kicking.

I have had writer's block, if you will,
but have found new inspiration,
he goes by the name of Mr. Pinchy Pants.

Introducing Mr. Pinchy Pants... he's a yabby.

Now, Mr. Pinchy Pants is not my pet.
If he were I'd be hesitant on introducing him,
what with my history of pet ownership.

I don't know if you are all familiar with my "pet news",
My fighting fish [who ended up with a name: MacGyver] passed away a while ago,
Yurtle the Awesome Baby Turtle passed away on the day of Will & Kate's Wedding.
Damn you Royals! *shakes fist*,
Cathy FreeMouse passed away last week &
Angelina Ballerina has escaped from her cage, like she always does,
and has been missing for over a week, now, so if Mr. Pinchy Pants were mine,
he'd be pretty much fucked doomed.

Ajax the Blue Tongue Lizard is doing well, for all curious.
He is massive & resembles a goanna, or some other large lizard.
His care is not up to me, that's why he's still alive.

Mr. Pinchy Pants belongs to a lovely girl who I have adopted as being mine.
Her name is Haylee.
Haylee appears to be pretty good with pet ownership.
Mr. Pinchy Pants and her pet fish are still very alive.

The point of this post?
Haylee and I discussed how hilarious Mr. Pinchy Pants is.
He gets into all kinds of crazy mischief.

So, Haylee decided, with my mis-informed guidance,
that Mr. Pinchy Pants needed a blog.
To keep the easily amused, such as myself,
updated with his goings-on.

Feel free to pop over, say "hello" to
Haylee & read all about Mr. Pinchy Pants' Shenanigans!

*Coming Soon: Mr. Pinchy Pants gets a Twitter!
Okay, maybe not, but I am sure it won't take much to convince Haylee that every yabby needs a Twitter!
She did make a blog, after all.


  1. I couldn't let my pets blog. I'd be too worried they'd rag on me for not feeding them when they cry.

  2. I cannot believe I haven't been following ur blog this whole time!
    Cant wait to get stuck in for a good read : ) xx