Friday, June 3, 2011

Pixar's "Cars" out June 23rd in Cinemas. YAY!!

Just stumbled across Tara @ Mum-ments latest post.
It's got me incredibly excited.
Why? you ask.
Because she's informed me that the lovely folk at Nuffnang are hosting a competition for a family pass to see Cars 2!
Can I get a "Heck Yes!?"

I love a competition, and Master S loves Cars!
I am pretty certain he was actually watching Cars when this was taken.

Lightning McQueen is a frequent in the Happy House.
You can not turn around without seeing him somewhere.
Master S has and loves all things Cars,

 He has Lightning McQueen pajama's.
Lightning McQueen T-shirts.
Lightning McQueen shorts.
Lightning McQueen pants.
Cars books [colouring and story],
Cars toys,
Cars bedding.
Cars pictures on his bedroom walls.
I'm even buying him a potty with Lightning McQueen on it,
 to encourage him to start toilet training.

Yes, he's quite the fan!
His first word, aside from "Da", "Mum" & "Bub" was "Car".

We have been watching the new trailer together,
[over, and over again]
preparing for our next movie trip,
and our excitement is building to near boiling point.

For all you Cars fans,
it's out on June 23rd, 2011.
Mark it on your calendars, and make sure you check it out.

June 23rd,
The day I'll be Mummy to the happiest little boy in the world.

If you're keen to enter, all you have to do is:
a) Write a blog post to create awareness of the upcoming flick, Disney/Pixar Cars 2
b) Include the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 trailer so your readers can score a sneak peak as to just how awesome this movie is!
c) Once your blog post is live, leave a link to it in a comment on this blog post and email your full name and postal details to and they'll have a pass out to you in the mail.

Competition is open to Australian residents who are able to attend screenings within Australia.

Entries open 3/6/11 and close on 17/6/11 at 5pm. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details!

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  1. Enjoy the movie! I haven't been able to get onto your blog the last few times I tried. I'm glad it's back (or that I finally have the right URL for it).