Sunday, July 24, 2011

Letter to my Children - 'One Year Edition'

This time a year ago, a beautiful little bundle had been placed on my chest.
An incredibly welcome, and life changing edition to our family of three.
Bigger than you, Master S when you were born, but in many ways smaller, more petite, and seemingly more fragile.
The most perfect little girl in the world.
In between cooing, chowing down pizza while she slept & fretting about spending my first night away from you, I worried what you'd think of your new baby sister, Master S.
Would you be jealous?
Would you dislike her?
The moment you came bounding into that hospital room to meet Miss E, the love was all over your face.
It's been a year since that day.
A year since she made her grand entrance.
A year since we handed you the precious bundle wrapped in pink and you touched her nose with your chubby little finger, and kissed her cheeks.
And what a year!
Everything Master S did caught your attention, Miss E.
You loved him as much as he loved you.
You were rolling at 2 months old, crawling at 5 months, standing at 6 months, taking tentative steps at 7 months, and running at 8 months old.
You wanted to keep up with him, to join in his play.
You annoy him. He is often trying to escape you, or pushing you over, or snatching his toys out of your hands, but he also worries about you.
You stood near the heater the other day, and he shouted 'No NooNoo' (his nickname for you) and edged you out of harm's way.

We've all come so far in one year.
I changed the moment I was expecting the very first time, but becoming a Mummy for a second time, changes you more. I'm a different person. A better person for having the two of you to call my very own.

Happy First Birthday, Miss E.
Happy First BigBrother Anniversary, Master S.


I love you both to the moon & back.
Always and forever,
Mummy xoxox


On a completely unrelated topic, I would just like to apologise again to all my followers on Twitter who received inappropriate spam emails from me. I have deactivated that account and have created a brand-new Twitter and can be found under the UserName @_OurAdventures_
If you could all forgive me and follow me again, I'd appreciate it. Right now I feel unpopular, and stalker-ish :)


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Miss E and well done on being an awesome Big Brother Master S xoxo

  2. Beautifully written. Happy birthday and big brother anniversary to your gorgeous kids.

    I am so nervous about having another baby and how it will change the relationship I have with Max. Reading this has eased some of those fears. Thank you :)