Thursday, July 21, 2011

No More Fellatio, Thanks!

A quick and possibly unexpected post from me this evening. It's irrelevant and serves no purpose, as you'll learn by the end of it, but it must be done.

As all of you may be aware I am a Twat.
I am on Twitter, a lot.
I Tweet, a lot.
Therefore, I am a big Twat.

If your mind was just in the gutter, please keep it there for a moment.

I am not popular.
Although, for the last week, I have felt very much so, as I am being mentioned (tagged for all you non-Twats) in a lot of Tweets.
This should, and has made me feel incredibly loved, but unfortunately, it's not the kind of love I'd like.

I have been mentioned in a lot of posts with links attached. As a blogging Twat it's not uncommon to be sent links to posts or photo's from other blogging Twats. As all links are shortened in Tweets, it's difficult to decipher the content of the links. Unless, you are constantly being mentioned by 'The Bad Eggs'.

The Bad Eggs are folk with an egg as their DP. The egg is the Twitter default picture.

(Twitter, Tweet, Bird, Egg, get it? Got it? Good!)

The Bad Eggs in question do not 'follow me'. I do not 'follow them'. One can only assume they found me because unless you are a reader of my blog, and know its meaning, my UserName does sound like a dodgy 80's porno film.

Anyway, ignoring how they found me, and moving on to the fact they have and are mentioning me in numerous posts containing mystery links. In a moment of ignorance, well several as it was more than once, I clicked on the mystery link/s.

What greeted me, I cannot be sure whether to find it offensive or hilarious. The links contained photographs of women who, based on their appearance, have not had two children in under two years and were doing things I'd clearly never heard of, or tried myself, hence my penchant for being el pregnanto. There is no sense why someone should send me these links. Clearly, it isn't my thing!

In conclusion, despite the fact I am a self confessed Twat, and Twitter (what with all it's 'egg' and 'bird' references) is full of subtle innuendos, I would greatly appreciate it, should The Bad Eggs actually view my profile and click on the links I share and come across this, if you could cease sending me pornographic content via mystery links.

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1 comment:

  1. I don't tweet. I signed up once to Twitter but it just confused me. I might embark on it again one day.

    But something similar...I added an old friend of my hubby's to my facebook and before long, he started spamming my wall with porn, and not just your normal garden-variety porn, but like, full on filth with many illegal acts being performed.

    I'm a pretty liberated person, but this was vile. Let's just say he was instantly removed.

    Hate that sort of crap. Wish they didn't do it. If people want to find porn, then they can go find it...don't spam us with that shit.