Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank Gawd I have MiPhone back.!

I've been iPhone-Less for a few months now, and although I have a perfectly fine brand new camera, uploading photos on an iPhone is so much simpler. In the time I've been gone, I am pleased to see Blogger now has a free iPhone App. Here's my first post while using the App. I hope it turns out okay...


We are now 15 weeks pregnant. I am days past 15 weeks, but when you've had your due date screwed up several times, you just get fatter, give up counting and leave it to the doctors to do your maths for you. If the doctors had left me alone with the due date I figured out months ago, and not changed it, then decided perhaps I am right, I wouldn't be so frazzled and would know exactly how far along I am off the top of my head without dreaded baby brain kicking in.

So far, pregnancy is treating me kindly.
I have the world's most hideous hernia that causes me great grief whenever I strain, which lately happens a lot as I've recently got a new job and despite my el gutto standing out like dog's nads, it's well hidden under my sexy uniform so I'm given heinous tasks to perform which I palm off to anyone and everyone, using any excuse I can to get out of them. Sore back, the need to pee, having a hernia. (How they haven't figured it out is beyond me, really) I try to take it easy where possible, because let's face it, I'm lazy and easy is how I love to take it, but with two crazy active toddlers, taking it easy is sometimes not an option.

I have some morning sickness, but get this, it's never in the morning. Madness, I know.!? I never had a lot of morning sickness with Miss E, just the occasional yak. With Master S I was often 'riding the porcelain bus' and feared I'd actually spew him out.

This time around it's not as bad as the morning sickness I had during my pregnancy with Master S, but it's enough to be unpleasant.

The only thing getting me through the vomits is Master S insisting on holding my hair, while telling me 'It's okay, Mummy' (because I never get a chance to close the door when I get to the loo) and the knowledge that morning sickness means my BeeBee is okay. I do feel some movements occasionally, so when I can't, spewing makes me feel better, knowing all is well (in an incredibly gross way)...

For those of you who don't have Instagram (or my new BFFL, Path) then this is a glimpse of what our beautiful little bubba looks like... From the outside of course...

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