Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Girl & Her Doll.

I've noticed that my recent posts are about Master S and his toilet training, or about our BeeBee. Miss E hasn't had much 'air time' lately, so allow me to share with you some of her shenanigans.


In 2010, Miss E was given her first Baby Doll for her first Christmas. The doll was the same size as Miss E, and was soon named Penny by my Mum.

Miss E, unfortunately, disliked Penny on sight.
The fact that we took several snaps of the height similarities between 5 month old Miss E and Penny, resulted in Miss E physically assaulting poor Penny several times, and becoming increasingly upset and unsettled whenever she saw Penny.

Due to this immense hatred, Penny was placed in a 'safe place' not to be seen until Miss E grew a little more hair and height, because obviously, Penny wasn't going to do it.

At the age of 12 months old, and with news of a baby cousin making an entrance into the family a few months later, we whipped out Penny for some 'training'.

How to hold a baby,
How to stroke a baby softly and not beat them or stand on them if they are having tummy time,
How to speak softly to a baby,
How to sing nice songs to a baby...

All went well and so Penny moved out of the toybox to become Miss E's companion.

Miss E would cry if she dropped Penny by accident, devastated because her 'baby' needed 'help' and was 'hurt'.

Seeing her walking around the house with one arm firmly around Penny's neck, so as not to drop her, became a regular occurrence. At bedtime, we kissed Penny goodnight lest Miss E should cry that we'd forgotten poor Penny.

Then one day, last week, everything changed. There has been a breakthrough in their relationship. More 'break' than 'through'.

As I've blogged before, we are moving house. Amongst our packing came sorting. My first port of call was Miss E's toybox. As I emptied it, I came across a baby doll laying in the bottom.

I think she was a hand-me-down baby doll, but I called for Miss E, and offered her the new old baby doll to play with, and told her it would be like a sister for Penny!


The new baby doll was named 'Hatty' by Master S (since she was wearing a hat) and since we found Hatty, who is a smaller, more convenient to carry doll, Penny has been pushed aside.

Whenever Miss E went for a sleep over at her Nana's house, Penny had to go!
In time for her sleep over this weekend, I packed both Penny and Hatty in her overnight bag, but I needn't have bothered. Hatty was sat in the top so she had breathing space, Penny was dumped on the floor and left behind.

Since arriving home, Penny was given a 'bottle' by Miss E, but other than that, has been ignored.

Come bedtime, and Hatty was tucked into bed. Penny was dumped on the floor, and subsequently stood on by Miss E who used Penny as leverage to get into bed.

She then decided that she didn't want Penny in her room at all, bought her into mine & Hubby's room and dumped her on a box.


And so the saga of Miss E & Penny continues! The love/hate/morelovethanhate relationship lives on! Stay tuned for more updates on Poor Bloody Penny!

For now, here are some photo's of their time together as 'frien-emies'...

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