Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So sick of this crap! Literally!

This is just outrageous.
My blog needs a new name.
'The Poo Adventures', 'The Shit Diaries!' or something else of the like, because I swear my kids' whole lives revolve around poo!

There was the time they were both born covered in their own poo because they decided to poo in my stomach, the time they painted one another & my house in dump, the many occasions their poo has ended up somewhere it shouldn't during a bad nappy change incident (the couch, the bathtub, Hubby's lap!) oh, and the one that's just taken the ultimate poo prize, the time Miss E decided at midnight that she didn't want to sleep, undid her nappy and did a poo on the cover of her brother's book!

What the fucking fuck?

Why do all these crazy poo incidents involve my kids? It's a poospiracy!
Someone, the God of Shit, perhaps?, is out to get me. To paint my life a shade of crap!

In typical 'me' fashion, I took this snap for your viewing pleasure.


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  1. I don't know if it helps, but you are not alone. Admittedly, the poo on the book might take the cake, but you're not alone in battling the poo. Kids are weird. :)