Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Houston, we have a gender!

Today marks the 20th week of pregnancy.
It is also the day we found out whether our little BeeBee is smuggling junk or a hoo-ha.

(Excuse my non-technical terms. I'm 24 and even writing the real names of our parts still makes me giggle like a schoolgirl).

We were off to a bad start this morning.
Our ultrasound was at 10:50am, and we left home (15 minutes away) at 10:43am.

We made it.
Thank the lord for minimal traffic and a freeway!

We ended up with the world's bitchiest sonographer. Seriously, if you hate the excitement that comes with pending parenthood, get another effing job. End rant.

We told her we wanted to know the gender when she had finished measuring and checking everything was in order. We were met with the reply 'I have a lot to check, THAT, can wait!'

I bit my tongue and resisted the urge to spit fire into her eyes, but the real 'OMFG IF I WASN'T DESPERATE TO SEE MY BABY ON SCREEN I'D BE TELLING YOU TO FUCK YOURSELF' moment happened when Miss E was waving to the baby on screen and saying 'Hi BubBub'. Cute, I thought, and couldn't have been prouder.

The sonographer cow actually said to Hubby 'If you don't keep her quiet, I'll have to ask her to leave'. Um what.!?
She's 17 months old. Clearly if she were to leave, you'd be expecting my Husband to leave too. If she were throwing a tantrum or screaming, then yes, I agree it would be difficult to concentrate but when she's talking, more to herself than anyone else, how the hell is that reason to 'ask her to leave?'
Have you heard a baby talk.!? Their voices are soft an sweet sounding. It's not like she has a booming man-voice! She's just a proud big sister and I refuse to diminish her happiness by booting her out of a room she has every right to be in.!

Anyway, after holding back tears and rage, the aptly nicknamed 'Cow Bitch' abruptly ended our ultrasound with 'That looks like a labia. We can't be certain, obviously, but I don't see a penis'.

So there you have it.
Our Happy House is going to have another girl to keep the boys on their toes.!! :)


  1. OMG What a BiAtch!!! I hate people like that, they are doing one of the most wonderful jobs in the world to act like it is nothing and being rude about it!!

    My sister got told all the way through the pregnancy that she was having a girl and it ended up a boy :P His little testies didn't descend and had to have surgery on them when he was born..

    Glad that the baby is healthy and all is ok!!! :)

  2. People like that need a good slapping. Cow.