Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby Brain.

I am beginning to wonder if the dreaded baby brain is a medical condition.

I have an excellent memory.
I can recite phone numbers, addresses, registration numbers of random vehicles on the road at the same time as I was, appointment times, map co-ordinates several years after needing them.

Well, I could. Until I fell pregnant.

You'd think with two brains in my body I'd be able to retain extra information. Instead, I'm unable to retain half the information my brain was once able to record.

I have come to rely on my diary and iPhone for recording all the events I am now forgetting. Miss E is due for her 18 month immunisations at the end of the month. I've normally got their appointments booked a month in advance. This time it wasn't until I received the 'Miss E is due for her 18 month immunization in three weeks' letter that I remembered.

The clincher that made me firmly believe I should be medicated or entitled to pension of some kind, came today.

At 9:45am, to be exact.

I sauntered into work, greeted all my co-workers and was met by 'Oh, we didn't know you were working today!' after answering with 'Yeah, I am, 10am until 2pm' over four times, I decided something was wrong with everyone.

My phone said I had work.
My diary said I had work.

When I checked the roster just because people were giggling at me being there when they were *certain* I shouldn't be, the roster said I didn't have work.

I was over 24 hours early for work.

The manager appreciated my punctuality.

I hate baby brain.

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  1. Lol I hear you loud and clear! I sometimes think I've lost all my sanity, along with my memory!