Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It would seem I have approximately 15 weeks of pregnancy left. I've been feeling the time fly from day one and fret that I won't be prepared (are we ever?) for my little darling's grand entrance into the world, and fear it will be sooner than 15 weeks before she's here, just because I am not ready yet.

Oh. Fuck.

We had an ultrasound on Monday, courtesy of the Sonographer Cow mentioned in my previous pregnancy post, who reported an abnormality with my placenta. With little more than that to go on, and the mention of an amniotic band, I naturally, shit myself.

I've carried, and delivered two perfectly healthy babies. The chances of fate being on our side for a third time, are pretty high. I'm at risk of nothing except a 1 hour labour and a 9 pound infant as a result of this pregnancy, but the threat of SOMETHING being wrong, was enough to keep me up at night.

I don't know.
I feel better knowing I worried, because if I hadn't and Sonographer Cow had been right, I would've felt a lot worse for not taking the threat seriously and brushing it off, as my OB told me I should.

Anyway, our recent ultrasound went fine. My placenta is normal, sexy, and providing all the nourishment a placenta can provide to an unborn baby.

The ultrasound cost an arm and a leg, but was well worth it to see our baby (and both her arms and legs) in 4D. We also got the confirmation that she does have a labia, and she's not afraid to show it off.

I can only hope that unlike her exhibitionist siblings, that this is something she grows out of.


Aside from all the physical development we have witnessed on the big screen and the fact that our newest daughter resembles a waxy, squished version of her big sister, that's about all I have the time to stop and appreciate.

Sure, I cannot fit into my pants anymore and I'm being brutally assaulted from inside the womb, daily, so there is evidence of new life, but I'm running out of time to just stop!
Gather my thoughts.
And enjoy my ever swelling belly and wonder what my newborn will be like.

Everyday is flying, every week, I'm amazed at how quickly the time is going, but that's all that is happening. I'm just running out of time.

Well, that's how it feels.

I have now incorporated the Kinder Run into my busy weekly schedule of working, PlayGroup, cooking, cleaning, separating fights, reading Hippo Has A Hat, hating Hippo for having a hat (and having a book about having a hat that I have to read SEVERAL. TIMES. A. DAY!) explaining to my son just why I don't want to watch bloody Thomas the Tank Engine ever again, explaining to my son that he needs a new favourite book that doesn't consist of Hippos having hats, separating fights, bathing myself & small children, washing, submitting to endless nags of affection from Hubby in the hopes he'll shut up for another two weeks, explaining to my daughter just why she cannot leave the house in everyone else's clothes (including my hideous beige maternity bra around her neck like a scarf!), answering several questions, shopping, eating, sleeping and separating fights.

It's any wonder I wake up everyday and freak out at just how quickly everything is going.
Everyday I'm one step closer to having a newborn and will be subtracting sleep and bathing myself from my weekly schedule & replacing it with breastfeeding, nappy changes, and burping!

Week 25.
How did that happen.!?

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