Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love Myself #GlowsValentines

So, Goddess Glow from 'Where's my Glow?' has totally changed the meaning of V-D (Valentine's Day, don't be dirty!) today and has asked us all to link up and share what it is we love about ourselves. On the one day of the year that usually meant my significant other would buy me some corny shit, and I'd then have to get my gear off to show him how grateful I am.

I like Glowless' idea better.
I think.

We'll see how I go.
Because lately, my waist is expanding, and it's hard to love myself with this fact when my pants don't fit anymore.

I have a great sense of humour.
I can make myself laugh.
Sometimes I make other people laugh, but that's generally at my expense.
I'm still being funny, though, right?

I'm important.
Three people need me.
If it wasn't for me, they'd be dirty and not fed.
I love that I'm important.

I have nice hair.
I complain I need it cut, and it's forever in my face, but I can not brush it for two days and you can't tell to look at it.

I have cute ears.
I love how itty bitty they are.
Not long and creepy (like a certain Prime Minister's!)


That was easier than I thought it was.
I do love me!
You should love me, too!

Happy Valentine's Day <3


  1. Awesome! A great sense of humour is so important but I LOVE that you've said you're important. You ARE.
    Thanks so much for linking up x

  2. I love this - as Glow said love that you are important and 3 people rely on you to get through life - something for all of us to remember!