Thursday, February 23, 2012

The grass is not always greener.

I've just had a bite of some humble pie. Want a slice?

I have so much to be thankful for.
Two (soon to be three) beautiful children, a husband who's pretty easy on the eye, and a head full of my own hair.

All in all, life is pretty good on my side of the fence.

Sure, there are things that would make things better over here, hello, a fuckload of money, but what we lack in material goods, we make up for with the ability to laugh, love, and appreciate what we do have.

But what do you do when sometimes people are jealous of your green grass, and make it no secret they'd do anything to be in your paddock and pop a squat, because they aren't satisfied with the hand they've been dealt?

Me? As opposed to feeling flattered, I feel quite sad for them.

They want what I have, I should feel a little pleased, but I just can't.

I feel as though they're missing out on appreciating their own lives because they are too busy being fixated on mine, hating me for having what they don't, when really, there's nothing wrong with what they do have.

Sure, I'm not jealous of them, why would I be? To be jealous of something I don't have, is disrespectful to what I do have.

The same goes for them.

Jealousy is a mental cancer.
It eats away at you, while the people who care about you have to watch, and suffer, because they don't satisfy you enough to be happy.

For me to be so consumed by jealousy of another person, my children, would feel as if they are not good enough for me to feel content with what I have.

And they are good enough.
Better than good enough.

They are the reasons I am more than happy with what I have.
They make my grass so much more greener to me, than what's on the other side.

Even when they poo on things.

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