Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New member of the Happy House.

Due to unknown circumstances, Carlos Lopez, Master S' beloved Guinea Pig, was found peacefully sleeping in his hutch a few days ago.

He was buried in a special spot in the backyard, and Master S was incredibly brave.
He, at the age of three, knew his Pigga was dead. He's no stranger to pet death, and it sucks that he expects and accepts it, when my heart breaks for him everytime some stupid animal becomes a mate of his then decides to kick the bucket.

Master S was asked a few days after Carlos Lopez had passed away whether he'd like a new Guinea Pig, but his mature response was 'No, Mum, no more. Master S' Pigga dead'.

I left it at that and watched him spend time with Miss E's Guinea Pig, Nigel.

Since the unfortunate passing of Carlos Lopez, Nigel had not been himself. He'd been sitting in his food bowl, only nibbling and drinking small amounts. If we tried to hold him, he'd squeal as if in pain, and even if we didn't hold him, he'd squeal as if in pain.

It's been heartbreaking and we've been expecting that he'll soon pass away.
Every morning, we'd check him, expecting the worst, but were pleased to see while miserable, he was still with us.

He'd lost his brother who he'd been with since birth, his only Guinea Pig Companion. He was feeling lost and lonely himself.

Today, I broached the subject with Master S again.

'I know Carlos is gone, mate, but Nigel needs a friend, an animal friend, what do you think about getting another Pigga?'

'No, no, no'

I decided to go with my gut, and my gut said although Master S wasn't ready for a new pet, we needed one or we'd be burying Nigel soon enough. If Master S was still adamant he didn't want a new Pigga after we got one, I'd keep him for myself.

My Dad took me to the Pet Store, and while there we saw so many gorgeous Guinea Pigs. Two looked like Carlos Lopez, a few looked like Nigel.

Only one stood out from the bunch. And luckily, he was a boy.

He was named 'Pepsi' on sight, for his Pepsi-esque colouring, and am pleased to report, that Master S was delighted to see the box when we produced it, and knew it had a Pigga just for him inside. He didn't hesitate in opening the box and taking the little frightened bundle into his arms for a cuddle.

I am also pleased to report, that Nigel is no longer squealing, and is quite enjoying the company of Pepsi.

I have no doubt that Master S and Nigel will miss Carlos Lopez for a long time yet, but I am hoping Pepsi can help keep them both company and ease some of their hurt a little.

And he is a cutie, too, I think.

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