Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What if.

This post may take a turn for the whiney.


Our Monday morning started like any other. The alarm beeped, loudly, I kicked Hubby in the butt crack to shoo him out of bed, while I managed the fat roll that has become my 'getting out of bed' maneuver.

I scrambled for Master S' kindergarten uniform, and then roused him from sleep, while Hubby made his lunch for Kinder.

Master S had a shower, got dressed, had some breakfast, then snuck into our bed, where he was going back to sleep, whilst I had a shower. He's never gone back to sleep on a Kinder morning (aside from his first day) so I made the decision to keep him home.

Miss E was still asleep, so I crawled back into bed with Master S and dozed off for a little bit, myself.

I was woken shortly after by Master S trying to wake me to go see 'Mrs. M'. I checked our clock, we had time to get him to kindergarten, he'd be five minutes late, if that. So I grabbed his bag, his lunch and drink, stuck his shoes on his feet, and the two of us were good to go.

Hubby informed me he was almost out of fuel (as was I) but I had more than he did so I could get Master S to kinder and THEN get to a service station, therefore, we'd be on time if I took him in my car.

As I left our driveway and got on to the main street, I asked Master S whether we should go a different way today. I don't know why, it seemed quicker, but he said 'no' so we continued our usual route, which takes us a bit longer.

We were driving along, singing, when I started getting nasty cramping in my stomach, and I undid my seatbelt to get comfortable. We were stuck in the school drop off traffic, so were crawling along at about 20kms/hr.

This gave Master S and I plenty of time to sing and talk about all the fun things he'd be doing at Kinder that day. Which consisted of 'draw' and 'playa trains'. I'm sure he does more, Mrs. M told me, but he only remembers the trains and the pictures.

It was in the middle of me reminding him that his Nana wanted him to make her a painting, that I spotted the lights in my rear view mirror.

I pulled into an empty car space on the side of the road, knowing that we were going to be later but hoping it would be a fairly quick licence and breathalyzer. As I leaned to unclip my seatbelt, I realised I'd done that not even two minutes prior and sat there feeling like the world's biggest idiot.

When the officer came to my window, I was surprised to see it was the exact same officer who'd actually pulled me over a week ago. He made a remark about how bad my back tyre was.

Asked to see my licence, no problem... Shit it was in my handbag on the bench at home. No drama, I'm within ten kilometers of home, that's fine. Took my details, asked me if the car was mine, no I reply, it's not.

He asks me if I have an exemption from my doctor for not wearing a seatbelt. No, I do not, I just took it off because I was experiencing some bad pains. I'm stupid, I'm late, I'm sorry.

*BAM* here's a $244 fine and you've lost three points off your licence.

I respect that, I did the wrong thing.

Okay, Hubby's not working, I bring in meatballs for pay, I'll figure something out to cover it.

And here's a defective vehicle notice. You have until 10am today to get this vehicle back to the address it's registered at and it's not to move until you have at least three new tires.

Tires, I can manage that, somehow. Or not, but I'll have to.

You'll need a full roadworthy on the car before the sticker will be removed.

Oh fuck.

I can't manage that.
What else will it need?
I can't take it anywhere in ten minutes to find out.

It's Easter in two weeks and I physically can't work anymore hours than I am.

Thank you officer, I appreciate you advising me that the vehicle I am carrying precious cargo in is unsafe, I truly do, but I think I'll go die in a hole now.


Everything could have been different.
I could've not taken Master S to Kinder.
I could've taken the quicker road.
I could've taken Hubby's car and been late by stopping to get fuel.
I could've left my seatbelt on and hardened the fuck up.

But it wasn't different.

It's happened.

And now I've fucked us.


  1. This is how my life goes - everything at once and no way out :( chin up and keep breathing, I know how awful it feels when you are doing your absolute best and life kicks you in the arse xx

    1. It truly sucks, doesn't it?
      Everything only just started 'picking up' for us, and now our luck has changed for the worst again.
      I'm hoping we can somehow get through this storm and find some sun again.

  2. Oh my love... that sucks.

    I got pulled over for the rego being out by 10 days AT CHRISTMAS and got slapped with a 600 fine AND they followed me home to make sure I paid the rego.

    Sometimes I think they are on a power trip.

  3. Oh hun, that truly sucks!! They should've given you some leeway and not given you the fine seriously .