Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well, the time is upon us where the end is near. I have officially reached my E.D.D but in my previous experience (with the exception of Miss E) babies do not come on their E.D.D.

I'm actually completely fine with this.
Granted, there was a time last week when I was desperate for any 'bring on labour' tips, but as they've all failed miserably and I've made it to this point, I have decided, I'm ready, when she's ready.

I was basking in my oh-so-fat glory last night, and realised with every swift kick and cramp to my groinage, that I am incredibly lucky. My body has been home to three healthy/happy babies and since I have no plans for anymore children, I am enjoying my last few moments of pregnancy before it's all over forever.

(I don't care what you say, Hubby, this is it.!)

I'll never have another chance to experience what I've taken, somewhat, for granted. PLUS, I am really keen to give the old 'kick the Malteser's' trick a go, and get it on film, so until I get some Malteser's, this Kidlet is not going anywhere. Not to mention, I vividly remember labour, and by Golly, I'm so not ready for that, yet.!

So, as it is, I know for certain I'll have my precious bundle on the outside by next Friday (if I make it to induction time, which both my OB and I don't see happening) it's just a matter of being patient.

And with two Kidlets already, I am the Master of Patience.

Happy 40 weeks of gestation, BeeBee.
As much as everyone is looking forward to meeting you, I'm happy to keep you to myself for as long as I can.

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