Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 (weeks) with 3 (kidlets)

We've reached a milestone (of sorts) in The Happy House.
Little C turned three weeks old yesterday. It's hard to believe that she's a month old next weekend. It seems like only yesterday she was born. Yet, it seems like she's been here forever.
We've settled into a routine of sorts. So much so, that Hubby doesn't even have to elbow me in the head to tell me the baby's awake and requires a feed. He had to do that (a lot) after Master S and Miss E were born.
What can I say? I'm a natural born sleeper. Earthquake, his snoring, I could sleep through anything!
Little C isn't much of a crier, and yet, I wake, often just before she's going to, in preparation for her feed.

Granted, I do wish she'd wake an hour earlier for a feed than she does, because I just cannot stand watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman every bloody morning, but, we have a system, and it works. Little C wakes at 4am, while I, mute Dr. Quinn and insert my own crude commentary. With complementary voices. Hubby often asks, half asleep, who I'm talking to, and Dr. Quinn may, or may not, have a man-voice in my interpretations.

I just hate the whole concept of the show. Obviously, being a doctor, she's a 'medicine' person. If they feel it necessary to 'warn' viewers that Dr. Quinn is about a lady doctor (because people may choose not to watch the show, purely for this fact alone & not because it's a shit show) then a serious name revamp is in order. I prefer to call it 'Quinn, Medicine Woman' or 'Dr. Quinn, no reference to gender what so ever!'

Is 'Neighbours' called 'Neighbours. People Who Live In The Same Street!'? No, hence why the name of 'Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman' is stupid. But this is way off topic.

Topic being, I have made it to three weeks with three kids, under three years old, without losing my shit. In fact, I've kept my shit well and truly in tact (this has nothing to do with my bowel movements, for all playing at home!) and am pretty much pro Mama Bear.

You'd think I've done this whole 'newborn' thing before. I'm so pro, I could write a book on recreational activities one can partake in whilst changing a nappy. Well, not quite, but I'm doing pretty good.

I'm feeling very good.
Little C is doing very good.
Master S & Miss E are super big siblings, so all is VERY, VERY, good.

Great, even.
How are you?

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