Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't take my water!

A few weeks ago I received a super aggressive letter in the mail. Okay, it wasn't super aggressive, but I could imagine the person typing it getting all 'threatening'.

It said some crap about needing to pay our water bill or they'd cut off our water.
Naturally, I read it, laughed and didn't think anymore about it. Why? Because we always pay our bills, even when we don't have bills and it was just not possible that our water would be disconnected due to non-payment.
Plus, I don't even think it's legal for people to disconnect someone's water. Well, it probably is legal, but surely they'd know that to not allow us water is cruel. Hubby smells bad enough EVEN WITH A SHOWER sometimes.

We received another letter in the mail. With a big fat 'FINAL NOTICE' warning on it from the water company. Now, what the heck? I say to Hubby. This is the second warning notice, are you POSITIVE you've paid the bill?
Yes, I'm sure, he assures me.
You're really sure? You haven't stupidly put the money on the wrong bill or something?
No, he assures me again. It's been put on the WATER bill. He shows me a receipt confirming this fact.

They received our money.
Fuck them.
Fuck their threatening letters.

Today, I'm outside planting some flowers with the Kidlets.
An older gent approaches us, and introduces himself as Peter.
The water man.
The water disconnection man.
The man who comes to turn off taps.
We panic.
Do not fret.
Peter assures us he is not there to turn off our water. In fact, he's come to inform us our water won't be cut off.

But the threatening letters, Peter! The threatening letters were threatening!

There was an error.
Hubby did pay our water bill.
Only, he'd used an old bill to pay it at the post office. An old bill whose barcode was our old address.

Yep. Hubby paid someone else's water bill. And had the water company not caught on to the account name being the same as our new address, where the water bill was 'not' being paid, we could've had a really serious issue!

The new tenants of the old place we lived would have loved the free ride.
Going to suck for them when they start getting the threatening letters, because our payment was transferred to the right place!

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