Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've noticed as my children are getting older, they are cluing into just what might get them into a spot of trouble. As a result, they've started telling some white lies, which I call 'butterflies'. This could either be to shift the blame onto someone else, or, because their story just isn't any good without some slight truth modification.

I became aware of the 'butterfly effect' in our house shortly after Catty came along. I've narrowed it down to the fact that there's someone in the house who can get the blame for doing things and whom cannot voice their objections to the alteration of truth.

For example, Miss E added her own flair to one of Master S' kinder paintings in biro. When I explained to her it wasn't a nice thing to do and I'd give her some paper to draw her own picture, she dropped the bottom lip, tears welled up in her eyes, and she told me that Catty bit her finger. Catty tends to 'bite' her a lot, but this one day I could absolutely vouch that it was total bull because Catty was asleep in the back end of the house and had been for the majority of the day.

I humoured her, kissed her invisible 'ouch' better, and left it at that. But it became more frequent. She'd finish her cereal, ask for more & when I explained that two bowls was plenty and she should have some fruit instead, she blamed Catty for eating her breakfast. She can be quite convincing some days that I am beginning to question my own sight & have been contemplating whether Catty is part ninja and has a vendetta against Miss E.

She isn't.
Miss E was telling a fib.

It was proven to me on one occasion that, without a doubt, my daughter is a 'truth bender', when both Catty & Little C were across the room from her & Miss E accused both Catty & Little C, simultaneously, of biting her. I asked if Little C ran over to her when I wasn't looking and bit her, and she confirmed that this is EXACTLY what happened. It's beyond ridiculous, but I can't help but laugh sometimes.

Master S is the Master of 'Butterflies'. He can spin the most fanciful tales that can entertain, while bordering on horrifying. My first experience (that I knew of at the time) with a whopper of a tale from him came about two weeks ago when he casually informed his Aunty that I hit his Daddy.

Luckily, she (and Hubby) found this amusing. I, did not! I sat Master S down and explained that butterflies like that can get people in trouble and he shouldn't say anything if it weren't true. He looked at me as if I were an idiot, and, not for the first time I wondered if he were telling the truth. Which is crazy, because I didn't do it!

I brought up the fact he told this story at home, with his teacher, Mrs. M, just in case she thought I was some husband abusing nutcase if he told her. I'm pleased to report tall tales of that nature have not been up for discussion at Kinder...


I say 'yet' because I have discovered I've fallen into the trap of believing one of his longest 'ongoing' butterflies... Wifhout even thinking twice about whether it were true!
About two months ago, he told me he'd made a friend. Her name was Miss A. Everyday he'd mention how she's his friend and he likes her. I was so happy that he'd managed to not repulse, at least, one girl at Kinder by chasing them or trying to lick them like a cat. He and Miss A play trains and push each other on the swings.

I once saw him being pushed on the swing by a little blonde girl, thus 'confirming' that Miss A (and her friendship) existed.

I brought up at our Kinder committee meeting with Mrs. M that he'd taken a real shine to Miss A and was met with a look of surprise. I wanted to die. I asked whether there was a child named 'Miss A' at all in his group, which there is, luckily.

So, I didn't understand the look of surprise. If this child exists, what's the problem? Well, apparently, Miss A wants to play with Master S & tries to get his attention, but he totally brushes her off and tells her to 'go away!'

Unless Mrs. M and I aren't 'down with the kid lingo' of today, this to me, does not sound like the actions of someone who is totally enthralled with their friendship.

He got in the car yesterday after Kinder and gave me a very thorough run-down of his day, in which he and Miss A (allegedly) played Diesel Ten (a train from Thomas & Friends) all day!

I decided to approach it with him, and asked whether he really played with Miss A or if he was actually mean to her... He responded (loudly, I might add) with 'Miss A my friend. I not fibbing. We play Diesel Ten, OKAY MUM!?'

Okay... And what was your teacher's name today? I noticed Mrs. M wasn't there...?

'Teacher name is Cookie!'


White lies (or lies of another colour), what's the best/worst your children have told?

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