Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I forgot why I hate the Olympics. Then I remembered.

After boycotting the Olympics (thanks to digital television and the fact I actually don't watch anything on Channel 9) I decided I'd go for a flick tonight and watch the Gymnastics.

I watched it for all of five minutes before I remembered why I hate the Olympics. It had nothing to do with the Gymnastics as such, but more so the commentary provided by one woman who was so judgmental and sounded like the kind of person who'd easily eat a 21 piece bucket of KFC by herself.

After one Gymnast was swirly whirling around the poles, spreading her legs well over her head, and then landed on her feet without vomiting (THAT DESERVES A MEDAL RIGHT THERE!) Commentator Cunt said something along the lines of 'With all those errors, she's lost the medals to the other competitors...'

Er what.!?

Now, I'm not an idiot, I know the Olympics is the best from each country competing against one another to find the best in the world, but does someone who clearly has no skill or talent of her own (hence her job!) really have to be such a bitch?

She actually implied that another Gymnast should be disappointed in herself for getting the Bronze.
The Bronze Medal? In the Olympics?

I won a Student of the Week award in Grade One for sharing my lunch with some child whose mother forgot to pack their's (and I thought I was winning the Mother of the Year contest. I guess I'll have to be disappointed with a Silver!) and THAT was my fucking claim to fame. Still to this day I'm proud of that white piece of cut up fraying ribbon which had my name written on it in blue pen, and this Commentator has the nerve to imply someone should be disappointed with a Bronze Medal.!?

I'd be proud if I even got into the Olympics and lost, because making it there would be hard enough. To actually place as the Third Best in the world...

...Yeah, I can totally see how THAT isn't any good.

While raging at the television after they aired a total of 15 minutes of Gymnastics, and 20 minutes of pompous judging commentaries, they then moved onto Equestrian...

Pretty sure the Bitch Commentator would rock at that sport. Sitting on her crack while someone else (i.e the HORSE) does all the work and she walks away with a medal.

Just sayin'.

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