Friday, August 10, 2012

FFS Friday.

I have the first cold I've had in over 2 years... FFS.

In theory getting a cold means resting up and enjoying a break. In reality, it means the day after I got sick Hubby got 'Man Flu' and his whingeing makes me sicker than the cold... FFS.

I'm losing my voice and accidentally coughing up what could possible be part of my lungs. Apparently this is the best time for my Kids to misbehave because me 'yelling at them' they've got 'time out' is comical... FFS.

So tempted to touch Hubby's shiny new computer screen with greasy fingers, just so I can go to 'time out'... FFS.

I was told I'd get my car back from the mechanic this week. He was 'working on it' Wednesday. It'd be ready Thursday. Rang him Thursday, he's sick and wasn't working on the car at all. Now I wait even longer... FFS.

And he's going to charge me more than the ridiculous amount I've already given him... FFS.

I'm probably going to die of exhaustion, annoyance, and the 'World's Shittest Virus' today... FFS

Dear Baby G

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