Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We've come this far...

Anyone who frequents these parts or Twitter will know Master S had tubes inserted the Thursday before last, and yesterday, he had his first post-grommets hearing test.

The first time he had a hearing test, he had no idea where he was going and the concept (after a long drive) was quite exciting, I seriously felt at that time we had wasted our time traveling 45 minutes just to have them tested when he could hear fine.

As has been established.
I knew jack shit.

Of late, anytime Master S had a hearing test, he knew what was coming and wanted no part of it. It was so hard to convince him that this was going to help him, when along with the constant reassurances from me, we'd had no sign of getting help from anywhere.


All showed me that we had a severe problem - yet no-one could help him. Ask me how much longer I could've kept up the charade for Master S and I have no idea how to answer it. The only thing that kept me persisting, pursuing and not giving up was the fact he needed help, and I'm his mother, his advocate, so I had to raise the fists and go in to battle for him.

No-one else would.

Until that day almost two weeks ago, when finally I could stop fighting. I could put my claws back in and know that I wouldn't have to fight anymore. It was happening. No more fucking us around. No more waiting. No more pulling up the big girl panties and dropping an occasional F Bomb to some poor medical professional because no-one was taking me seriously when I used my manners.

We pulled up to the Audiologist's office early. Master S was fast asleep in his car seat. I knew there'd been improvement, I knew it as soon as I asked him what his name was after the surgery and for the first time since he'd learned how to talk he correctly pronounced his own name, but I still had butterflies.

Had he improved enough by their standards? Was he going to co-operate today?

I needn't have worried at all.
Not even a little bit.

He was happy to go in. It was as if he knew this time would be okay. It was as if he knew all those times before that something was wrong, whereas now it's okay.

He can hear.
Both grommets are functioning successfully.
With speech therapy, his language and articulation will improve to that of his peers.

I cried when I left.
Same as I have after every hearing test.
But these tears were happy tears.
For a change.

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  1. That's fantastic news! Must be such a relief for you.