Wednesday, January 12, 2011

20 Lots of Evidence That I am Boring.

Okay, I thought I'd jump on the "Facts about me" bandwagon, but like I've seen over at Emily's Mum's the Word blog, I am limiting myself to 20 facts because... let's face it, I'm really not interesting.

  1. I kept my maiden name when I married Mr. M, and he took my last name.
  2. I am 23 years old. See how boring I am? I can't even think of "interesting" facts.
  3. I have a son who was born on Christmas Day 2008.
  4. I have a daughter who was born on her E.D.D [which was the 24th of July, 2010].
  5. I am a grammar fanatic. If you write and spell like a 6 year old, I will correct you and embarrass you more than your incorrect grammar did.
  6. I prefer having short hair. The minute my hair is long enough to touch my "ears", I freak out. I don't like the feeling of it touching me. Hence my incessant need for the "ponytail" I've been reppin' since the 90's.
  7. I know the intros to all the different "Law & Order" shows off by heart.
  8. I am a member of almost every social networking site. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Blogger. Tumblr. Bebo. You name it, I possibly have an account on it. Having said that, I don't have very many friends, despite my need to "reach out" by joining everything on the Internet.
  9. I am developing an addiction for Modern Cloth Nappies. I make excuses as to why I should buy them, knowing I can't afford to buy too many, but needing to give myself a reason for buying them guilt-free.
  10. I had a crush on Fabio in Year 12 [plus some time afterward]. If I know there is something on television with Fabio in it, still to this day, I rush to the television and watch it, reminiscing about the "good old days" where Fabio was my fantasy man. I am also actively searching for his album from his short lived music career. It's called "Fabio... After Dark". The title makes me laugh.
  11. I have two tattoo's. I aim to have another two by the end of 2011. Thus giving me a grand total of 4 tattoos.
  12. I live in Wodonga. I find it amusing the town has the word "Dong" in it's name. Not nearly as amusing as the fact our "neighbour" Wangaratta has "Wang" in it's name. How crude are founders of country towns.!?
  13. I am incredibly immature. The most lame things make me giggle to myself.
  14. I feel pretty confident that by the end of 2011, I will be in a bikini again. I just need to give up all the unhealthy things I eat... yeah, who am I kidding.!?
  15. I am the oldest of 5 children. I have one younger brother & three younger sisters.
  16. If I sleep past 10:00am, I feel like I have wasted half a day. With two children, this rarely happens.
  17. I currently have a back injury. If it is 90% better in a month it's a slipped disc. The moral of the story is, the doctor's can't be certain what it is, and I only put this here because it's plaguing me at this very moment.
  18. I have a pet fighting fish. He has no name, but I do regularly "try out" names on him. They never work.
  19. I am a smoker. I haven't had a smoke in just over 3 months, though, as I am "quitting".
  20. My star-sign is Sagittarius. I absolutely ran out of options for my 20th fact. Can you tell?

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  1. I love that you try out names on your fish! Definitely NOT a boring list if you ask me. I liked it anyway.