Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 [Whatever tickles your fancy]

*Image can be found here

Not only are these incredibly cute, but they are incredibly cheap and I am totally buying them. More fluffy mail for me soon. I haven't even bought them yet, and I am so excited by the prospect of buying & receiving them. I suspect I may have an addiction to nappies. I spend most of the time I am online... okay, all of the time I am online with at least one browser window open with different nappy sites, browsing, pining, working out how I can justify spending $39.99 on ONE nappy. Then I stumble across fantastic deals like this, talk to Mr. M, call my Mum, seek out my MCN contacts and get the go-ahead that it IS a good idea, then practically BEG my brother to allow me to use his details for PayPal. When he says "yes" it makes me so happy to not be an only child, I almost forget how broke I get at Christmas time with such a huge family.!

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