Monday, January 17, 2011

Brokeback Mountain.

Yes, I'm watching it, so yes, I am going to blog about it.

It took me a while to see the "Gay Cowboy" movie as it was dubbed on it's release.
I waited until it was out on DVD and even THEN I didn't hire it.
My Mum did, and burnt it for me.
It sat, in my DVD collection, untouched for months.
When anyone came across the cover they'd look at me, and as if hiding the fact that I were secretly gay I'd make awkward excuses about why I owned it. I don't know why, it's not like I am a gay person, and it's certainly not as if it was a creepy animal porno movie, I had no reason to be ashamed of owning the movie. No, I should have been ashamed of owning SpiceWorld on VHS, not Brokeback Mountain.
One morning, I finished work after doing the graveyard shift and after dealing with drunks, perverts and a lot of other creepy folk, I needed to unwind before I could catch some sleep. I went through my DVD collection and after flicking through every single DVD [I have a deep psychological issue with watching movies more than once a month] I realised I'd recently watched every single one. Except, Brokeback Mountain.
I had a choice. Early morning news, or Brokeback Mountain. Both made me cringe, but I opted for the latter. If I were looking for a film to put me to sleep, I picked the wrong one, I assure you.
I was surprised to find the "Gay Cowboy" movie was more than it's label.
In fact, I was surprised that the "Gay Cowboy" film had less sex scenes than a half an hour episode of Neighbours.
I was even more amazed at the storyline behind the film that you could look past the fact they were two men and find an extremely powerful lovestory, and I'll be stuffed if the film didn't reduce me to tears.
Over a movie?
Oh yes, I did, and I still do tear up everytime I sit down and watch it from beginning to end.
Why? Because I imagine how it must have been for anyone in their situation living in that era.
Imagine being trapped in a loveless marriage, just so no-one would think badly of you, and never being able to openly be with the person you truly loved. Never being able to stand up at their funeral and saying 'I loved this person' without being judged, ostracized or beaten to death. Never feeling completely safe with anyone knowing the truth about you. Forever being lonely because your love was never accepted by anyone. Whether you are gay or straight, it's easy enough to relate to.
There could be any number of reasons people could find themselves in the same situation as the "Gay Cowboys". Be it age, race, religion, social status, and not necessarily being homosexual. So the fact that they are gay men [two extremely attractive gay men] has not much to do with how you interpret the film or enjoy it.

The only warning I have in relation to watching this film is... you do see Anne Hathaway's boobies. I would not advise watching The Princess Diaries after seeing Brokeback Mountain. It gets a wee bit awkward.

***Also, I would like to share that I now own a copy of Brokeback Mountain legally purchased. So please don't report me to the officials for illegally copying films.!

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  1. I took someone to see this movie at the cinema when it came out. 40 minutes in, they walked out. LOL. 'til a lovely film.