Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 [Whatever tickles your fancy]

On Thursday my little family [minus Mr. M] are heading down Melbourne-way to go to the Zoo with my Mum, Dad & two of my younger sisters. I can honestly say I haven't been to the Zoo since the end of Grade 6 [that was late 1999] so it's been about 11 years. Naturally, I am excited. PLUS, it's my kidlets' first time at the Zoo so I am doubly excited. I am a tad disappointed that Mr. M has to work, but he's excited for us, and he knows I'll get enough photo's to make him feel as though he was with us. Ever since we planned the day trip I've had the song "We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo. You can come too, too, too..." stuck in my head. I know it sounds lame, but that's how thrilled I am. The kidlets and I watched the television show 'The Zoo' last night together. I told them we were going to a Zoo on Thursday. Master S. got excited, and so did Miss E. but in all honesty, I think Miss E. was rocking backward and forward whilst waving her arms in excitement because her brother was so animated in his excitement about going to the Zoo, and she just wanted to copy him.

After the Zoo, we are expecting my friend to arrive as she is staying with us for a couple of days. The kids are going to have a full-on week from here-on in, tomorrow and Wednesday are Mr M's days off, so he's going to be steam-cleaning our carpet in the hopes of erasing all evidence that Master S. attempted to make a frittata on our floor on Saturday. We've also got to organise Miss E's room and get it back into it's pre-Christmas order, [I swear, since Christmas, both the kids rooms have been so unorganized, busting at the seams with toys, books, clothes and other things they received], because otherwise, my friend will be sleeping on the roof. So, I should be sleeping to prepare my body and mind for some more Whirlwind Adventures.!

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  1. I remember singing this song, too, when I took my kids to the Zoo for the first time :) Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today. Tat @ Mum in search