Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 [A fictional book]

The last fictional book I read was "Gates of Paradise" by Virginia Andrews. This book made me angry, as it always does. It ended the Casteel series for me... again. Anytime I read this particular series, I start with "Web of Dreams". It is reading W.o.D. that encourages me to read the series again, and again, yet when I do, and get to G.o.P. then I am stuck. It doesn't have to end, I could start again, but I know by reading W.o.D at the end again, it will only bring me to begin the vicious cycle of reading the Casteel series once more... So, I end with G.o.P. everytime, and everytime I am left angry & with nothing. I often ease this anger by reading another Virginia Andrews' series, but again, the same thing happens. Once I finish them, I end up back at the beginning. This time, however, I have tried to break the cycle. I have moved on to a completely different author. I just hope it works, and when I have finished the book I am currently reading, I have a desire to read something other than Virginia Andrews' novels.

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