Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Night.

I've never been one to be excited about the weekend.

Sure, when I was in school many moons ago, I may have been, but since then, there's been no point in looking forward to weekends. Maybe because since graduating high school, the weekend has never been the "break" it once was. Be it the jobs I have had since then, and now being a Mummy, weekends are the same as everyday, except, inconveniently, the shops close early, if they open at all.

Today was typical "Saturday". Hubby worked all day so it was just Miss E. for most of the day until Master S. came home from his sleep over at Mum's place. I thought not having to fret over chasing a toddler and cleaning up endless messes would mean a somewhat relaxing day. Oh yeah, Miss E. learned how to crawl properly yesterday so there goes my fantasies of being able to relax. I had to rescue her from many "situations" today. By many situations, I mean she constantly crawled, from one end of the loungeroom where I placed her out of danger's way, underneath the computer desk where she felt enclosed and frightened because it was a very tight squeeze and she could only just sit up without banging her head.

When Master S. came home, I actually timed how long it took my house to go from being completely spotless to completely trashed. 4 minutes, for anyone who's curious to know. FOUR MINUTES! This included Lego, assorted building blocks, books, nappies and all his sleepover gear that had just been sat on the couch 5 minutes prior to the trashing, were all over the floor. I was amazed... absolutely astounded at his ability to open the bag of Lego blocks in the loungeroom and have them end up in our kitchen, and hallway, without him actually leaving the room. It's either a gift or he has the ability to transport himself without my awareness.

The kidlets are finally sleeping, my house is back to it's normal state, and I am enjoying the relaxation I aimed for today. Hubby bought me some TimTams to enjoy whilst the kids are sleeping [I always seemed to be suckered in by them into giving over my goodies. Maybe that's why I was only told I had TimTams waiting for me after the kidlets started snoring].

Hope you are all having a nice, relaxing weekend. If not, I hope you have a special stash of "sanity" to enjoy when your kids are in bed.!

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