Saturday, February 5, 2011

7 Wants.

1. A super duper camera that can take non-blurry photo's of my son who insists on running away from me whenever I whip the camera out.

2. Enough money to buy my family a house with decent sized bedrooms and a dining room big enough to fit a table and chairs in without having to constantly move them out of the way to squeeze through the door, AND still have enough money to pay all the bills without having to stress each week.

3. To figure out what I want to do with my life, and know that whatever I choose I'll be successful at.

4. Some magical way for my dishes to do themselves, or magically become clean after they are used so I never have to do washing up ever again.

5. A tattoo with my children's names on it.

6. To lose 10kgs and be happy with myself when I do, rather than still feel icky about the body I have. I'd also, like to wear a bikini again and know that it does not repulse people when I do.

7. To know that in 20 years time my children and I will have a fantastic relationship because they know that I tried my hardest to be the best mother I could to them.

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