Monday, February 21, 2011

Point & Shoot

A quiet weekend was had in the Happy House... well, as quiet as a weekend can be with a two year old who has learned how to yell before he can say proper sentences, and a 6 month old who's learned how to say "Bub" & on top of that has learned if she wants to be heard over her brother, she needs to yell, too.

Amongst the crazy, there was some quiet.
The times we read a book together are my favourite [so we do it a LOT].
I had to snap this, during one reading sesh, because... well, it's so darn cute.!

Master S' foot is the chubby one on the top [or left, however you want to look at it].
Miss E's foot is the smaller one on the bottom [or the right...?].


  1. How cute are those little toes! Good pic!

  2. awww... that is a cute pic! You did well to catch them when they were both still (and quiet?).

    I have one of those loud houses as well. xx

  3. Popping over from my blog. Very cute pic (: x

  4. Awww... so cute. Little people's feet are so sweet. x