Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Selections

This weekend I have spent a fair bit of time going through my old photo's.
Miss E has very light hair, and I wanted to see whether Master S had more at that age, so decided to whip out the photo's and have a look.
They brought back some wonderful memories, and it's so hard to remember him at this age, particularly when he is swinging on my blinds. *Sigh*

Master S sporting some nice brown locks.
[Ignore the caption that says this photo was taken 11 months BEFORE he was born, it LIES.]

Miss E at approximately the same age [if not a bit older than] as Master S. was in above photo.
Clearly sporting a more lighter, fuzzy 'do.
A little bit like a baby bird.

Playing along with Kim at Frogpondsrock for Sunday Selections.


  1. Gosh they look alike :) I thought it was two photos of the same baby and was looking for the next ones :) Very cute, very cute indeed.

  2. So sweet. I love going back and looking at my older kids and seeing how much the younger ones look like them at that age.

  3. Don't they grow fast? what a pair of cuties.

  4. I did just sort of the same thing, going back through photos of when she was just born, to see if she'd changed a lot. She did, but still very recognizable. Only... I'm talking about one of our horses here ;-) Your babies were cute. I'm sure they still are, even if they're swinging on your blinds ;-)

  5. Cute!!! And isn't amazing how much and fast they too I guess!

  6. "Ignore the caption that says this photo was taken 11 months BEFORE he was born, it LIES"

    Hahahaah!! I'm bad at setting the date and time on my cameras too!

    Sweet photos. It's great looking back on your children, especially looking at toddler pics when your sons are both six foot tall and sporting beards!! LOL!