Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Excuse me, I'm a vegetable.

I haven't blogged.
I haven't done washing.
I haven't done housework.
I've slept, a lot.
I haven't done anything much in the past few days.
I haven't played with my kids as much, but I always managed to feed, bathe and dress them.
I was prescribed a new anti-depressant and it knocked the shit out of me.
Made things worse than they were.
I missed last night's tablet.
This morning I left my house.
We stayed out all day.
We played.
I was happy.
I had a shower this morning, and didn't keep putting it off for reasons that made no sense.
I feel alive again.
Everything is a lot clearer, and I'm back.
I literally feel revived.
All I know is, I reached and have been in hell the past few days.
I'm not going back there.
I'm not.


  1. I feel like I am having those kinds of days right now. I am glad you found a way out and I hope you are able to stay where you are, happy and alive.