Friday, March 11, 2011

Teaching an Old Mum new tricks.

I have often referred to my Mum as "Mum".
Here's a brief post about the woman who's "hoo hoo" was never the same after she squeezed her first born [i.e ME] out into the world.
She hadn't learned much after labour, she went on to have my brother & three sisters.
She is married to the man whom I have referred to as "Dad".
She lives in a house with my siblings, my Dad, my Nana, and a menagerie of pets [including a snake I have NO DESIRE of holding].

Now, why am I blogging about my Mum?
Because she's blogging about me.
How cool is that?
As long as she doesn't ruin this cool persona I have created with awkward stories of changing my bum or something, then all shall be grand.
I was breastfed, and I'm sure she'll throw a crude joke about me being the first female to suckle on her, here and there just to keep things weird for me.
But, at the end of the day, she's Mum, and without her help, my kids would probably still be naked because she could dress them quicker than I could.
Feel free to check her out over here, show her some love, because heck, she is my Mum, and she's pretty darn rad.

*NOTE: This post was no way forced upon me. I decided to do it on my own without parental guidence.


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