Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Post with No Name.

Update on Us.

My computer's charger jack has jacked up.
This is why I have not posted photo's.
The laptop I am using, is not mine.
It's a loaner until mine becomes repaired.

Another reason I have not uploaded photo's is because...
I used most of our downloads for this month.
I have been lured to the dark side.
I can safely say my hubby and I are spending more time together,
Communicating better than ever,
He even looks forward to spending time with me,
Yes... I started playing World of Warcraft.

What can I say?
It is addictive, and although I don't play as often as him,
I am finding I am enjoying what time I do get to play,
As well as understanding that he cannot just leave the game when he plays,
And this is why he plays at night after the kids are asleep.

I'm Level 13.
Unlucky for some.
But I am loving it.
I am only playing a trial,
But, I will probably end up buying the game.

Update on the Kidlets.

Miss E has a tooth on it's way.
She and I are discussing weaning.
We both feel it's nearly time.
Plus, she's biting me.
I've enjoyed our feeding times,
The cuddles and bond we share is amazing,
But, we're moving on, and like Master S & I,
I'm sure she and I will still have cuddles and bonding time,
We'll just have to find something else to do together.

Master S is learning new words everyday.
He knows the actions to "5 little ducks"
[I just made a typing error that could have made that sentence pretty awkward]
He also told me to "Shhh-Up" the other day,
when I started singing the song to him.
He's developing an attitude and a half.
He beats his sister up several times a day.
He enjoys making her cry it would seem.
But, in a heartbeat he'll cuddle her and they'll play happily together, again!?

Other than the obvious busy, busy, busy-ness,
Everything is going well.
Really, really well.
We're happy.
Unbelievably happy.

How are you.!?


  1. im pretty good lovely!
    it seems master J likes to beat Lil C up too and enjoys the wailing cries :| fun for him not so much for me haha
    BUT as you said hes quick to say sorry and start playing again lol
    Siblings defaintly a love hate relationship

  2. Oh Noes!!! you have succumbed (is that how you spell it!?!?) to World of Warcraft... now thats so sad! dont let it cut into your blogging time! :P