Friday, March 11, 2011

Tara Must Win a WMG? Competition in 2011!

So, it would seem I didn't win any of the competitions at Where's My Glow?, despite entering them all, and even going for further entries where possible by tweeting. Anyway, I have decided that I will win a Glowless Competition before 2011 is out. This can happen by either me sending the following email to

Dear Random.Org,
I think it is about time you randomed my numbers in Where's My Glow? competitions, don't you?
If I don't win, because of you again, well, let's just say, things will get pretty ugly... for you!
I'll randomize the placement of your toolbars!?
Lots of Love,
Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures.

Or, it can happen because no-one else is going to enter so I actually have a chance.
Now, I know the idea of awesome freebies is just as appealing to you as it is to me, but, honestly, my son has been walking around for days with no shirt on* because I told him he was going to get a better shirt that would make all his other shirts look lame. Now? I feel like a fool, because I didn't get the shirt.

To everyone who reads this, I put forth that from now on you all boycott Glowless' competitions so I can win one in 2011. If you do not... then, well, okay, I still aim to win something, though!

*If my son is ever shirtless, it's because it's hot or he just refuses to let me put one on him. In no way, was a child harmed in the making of this post.