Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting My Angry On.

I am seeing red posting this.
If there is any spelling errors, swearing, or anything at all you may find unsettling,
I apologise in advance.


Today I read something that riled me.
So much so that the mere mention of it to Hubby,
made him say "I agree with you, blog about it, get it out".
I logged onto my computer earlier to be greeted with the headline on NineMsn that said:
"Derryn Hinch, found guilty".

Image pinched from here

I am an avid follower of all things "Derryn" because, let's face it, he's a bloody champion.
So, I headed over to check out his latest "shenanigans" only to be greeted with a story outlining he's received another conviction and may be off to jail...
for naming serial sex offenders, who'd been convicted & are on a sex offender's register, again.

Now, this did not sit well, and still does not sit well with me.

I am curious to know, what is becoming of our country,
when a 67 year old man, who has been given a year to live,
is possibly on his way to prison [again!] for naming convicted repeat rapists.

What is right about that?
What can be said of our justice system if people can molest children, women, men, what have you,
and the people who stand up and say "this person is not only a sex offender, but is a REPEAT offender, and they could be your neighbour, gardener, local fruiterer or butcher, beware"
get a conviction and go to jail?

What the fuck?

I know a sex offender.
He was charged, found guilty, and is on a sex offender's register.
He did no jail time, despite the fact his victim was a six year old girl.
This sex offender, has re-offended.
He's still walking the streets.
I know his name, address and phone number.
He lives near a primary school.
He makes Facebook pages, posing as cartoon characters,
so that young people will add him as a friend,
He has admitted he'll re-offend.

You want to know who he is, right?
Make sure the school he lives and loiters near isn't the one your child attends, right?
You want to know that the little girl or boy he's ogling while playing in the sandpit,
isn't your own baby, right?

But to tell you.
To warn you.
To stop your child from being this person's next victim,

I could go to prison for telling you his name.

You could buy a police scanner,
and hear it from the mouths of the police themselves,
but for me, a civilian, a mother, to tell you who he is,
is illegal.
To tell you, would make ME the criminal.

Derryn Hinch, to me, is not a criminal.
He is a hero.
A hero who during his last year,
could very well go to jail for protecting people.

What good is a sex offender's register if we can't see it?
Sex offender's are not likely to rape the police,
they are likely to rape us, our children, our friends, and family,
so why are we not allowed to know who they are?

What a justice system we have.
What a fucking joke.
Lucky country?


  1. I blogged about this exact topic a few months back! May I share the link with you?

    A topic that hits hard with me, and for good reason. Good on Derryn for doing what no one else has the balls to do.
    Fact - you can name an offender if they have been convicted. This coming from the mouth of my own solicitor.
    Name and shame, I say!


  2. Fucking joke, indeed.

    It's also probably of note that Derryn himself was abused as a little boy, which is probably another reason he feels the need to name and shame.

    And so he should!

    Great post, Tara xx