Friday, January 6, 2012

Accidents happen.

How it all went down the shitter, and by shitter, I mean in Master S' jocks.

Toilet training has been a breeze so far.
Since January 1st, Master S has been in jocks all day, only wearing a nappy at night to sleep in.

Even if he had a nap during the day, he'd wear his jocks, because he was doing so well and waking up to get to the toilet.

He'd tell us when he needed to go, incredibly proud of being able to sit on the toilet like a big boy.

This went on for four days.

On day four, he had an accident.

I came home from work to find him in tears that he just didn't make it in time. We peeled off his wet jocks, and disheartened he handed me a nappy.

I explained to him that it was okay to have an accident, but he had lovely clean jocks to wear, and we could wash and dry his wet one's for the next day. He seemed pleased that he was still allowed to wear jocks, despite the wee, and continued on as normal, going when he needed to go.

Yesterday, pretty uneventful.
Went as necessary. No accidents.

Today, Day 6, we've had a massive set back day.

He's had two accidents, but instead of telling me when he needs to go, he'll scream blue murder when I take him to the toilet. I am pretty sure the patrons and staff at my workplace thought I was killing him, just by trying to sit him on the toilet - where he clung to me, screaming 'NO!'.

He had a play, had a snack, wet his jocks and decided to then go to the toilet. After he'd messed?

I don't understand what's happened?

Is it normal to take such a massive backwards step?
Has anyone else been through this?

What advice can you offer a toileteer and his Mum in order to keep jocks dry and Mummy sane?

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  1. I think sometimes they are just so busy playing, they leave it until the last minute and because they are not yet masters of their bladder, they inevitably don't make it! Best of luck - I'm dreading toilet training my 3rd...I should be doing it now!!