Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day One.

Yesterday we (Hubby, Master S & I) decided that a toilet training chart would be a good idea, after a few friends of mine suggested the idea to me.

I left for work this morning, with Master S having received no stars as yet, but very keen to have them.

When I came home, I was informed
Master S had a gold star on his chart (for weeing on the toilet) and a pink star (for pooing by accident in his pants). He's 'allowed' ten accidents during the day, a week.
If he makes it with ten or less accidents in his jocks (which so far he has with our total being 4 accidents this past week) then he gets a prize at the end of the week.

I asked him what prize he'd like.
I suggested a toy car (RRP $2).
He said 'a train'.

He has a bucket full of trains at the moment, and unfortunately that's not including the one's we've misplaced and had to replace. His 'trains' are worth $8 a hit, so I've told him he can have a train each week, if he has minimal accidents and tries the toilet again.

He's happy to do so.
I'm happy to fork out $8 for a train.
Afterall, if it works, I'm saving myself over $15 a week on, excluding that $8, just on nappies for him.

Clever Mummy, or Clever Kid.!?

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  1. Oh this brings back so many memories - charts and stars trying to get the toilet training happening. Eventually I realised that when the time was right it would happen, and it did, and I don't have to worry about her walking down the aisle at her wedding wearing a nappy !!!!! LOL