Friday, January 6, 2012

Things I Know.

This is my first time linking up with Kellie from The Good, The Bad & The Unnecessary, for 'Things I Know'. Please be gentle.

I have compiled a list of things I know in my head. Here's hoping the things I know can become 'Things I Remember' and I don't forget anything.

1. Hubby is getting old. This may also, be the case for me, but as I am the younger of us two, we can focus on the fact he's going to be TWENTY SIX in three weeks. Old.

2. It is not real great to be woken up with 'Hey Mum, what ya doin'?' Well son, I was sleeping. Now? I'm not. Thanks for that!

3. Branching out from my previous item on the list - Playing 'This little Piggy' after I've just opened my eyes is a shit idea.!

3. Pregnancy is not as fun as I remember it being the last two times. I don't know why that is. Perhaps if I took photos of myself while experiencing back ache, leg ache, morning sickness, the look on my face after I drank that glucose crap, as opposed to photos of me always looking like a happy whale, then maybe I'd never be disillusioned into thinking this could possibly be fun all the time.

4. Toilet training can be pretty fun. If things are going well, and your toileteer is keen on going to the toilet - it's pretty great!

5. Considering I am pregnant and toilet training a three year old, I pretty easily spend over an hour in the toilet a day, and that's not including the days I do a stool.

6. Pierce Brosnan does not have facial hair. This conversation took place between us last night, and it's kept me up all night.

Me: 'Hubby, you need to shave your facial hair. Ugh, you give me pash rash after one kiss!'

Hubby: 'No, I'm going for the Pierce Brosnan look'

Me: 'Pierce Brosnan doesn't have facial hair!'

*thinking: 'Shit, I'm so braindead since being pregnant, who the fuck is Pierce Brosnan and does he have facial hair!?'*

7. Pierce Brosnan is exactly who I thought he was, but just needed to Google, you know... Just in case.

Pop on over & let Kellie know what you know? It might not be much, but knowledge is love...

Okay, knowledge isn't love, I just thought I'd say something deep and meaningful with a side order of tacky in the hopes of creating my own bumper sticker slogan...


  1. I used to think 26 was pretty old. Until I turned 27. And I'm going to be 28 this year arrrggghh! :p hope your pregnancy gets enjoyable again!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. P*ssed myself laughing at your old !!!! My husband is staring down the barrel of 50 next year - and I am only two years behind him !!!

    Loved your post - brought back lots of memories about being woken up with the same question !!!

    Have a great day - visiting from TIK !!

  3. ahh wait until you turn 30.. my partner is 2 yrs younger than me.. and I feel old.. VERY old...

    Love your Things I know :)

    Yup for me 1st pregnancy went so slowly and was 'wonderful'... 2nd pregnancy was hard, it hurt to walk the whole way through, was on the toilet constantly face down or sitting down.. constantly feeling like crap.. and looking after an 18month old at the same time was hard..

    Lil man is now 8 months and feeling like its time for the 3rd.. but I think we'll wait a little longer :P I still remember the pain!

  4. My hubby is turning 32 in a couple of weeks - THAT is old ;) Glad you are enjoying toilet training, I most definitely am not.

  5. I know 26 seemed like a very long time ago

  6. Shit lady, my guy is turning 40 in two months time! Now THAT is old! :D
    Your post made me laugh, especially the part about Pierce Brosnan. It's true, he doesn't have facial hair. He probably has chest hair.
    Welcome to Things. :)